8 Exquisite Designs of Tall Slim Table for Living Room Interior

Fritz Hansen Side Table

“Size matters!” – and this is totally true, but people tend to overlook many little things around them and focus on big pieces of furniture like tall slim table. As a result, for example, side tables are often left for later.

Despite the fact, that these furniture pieces are really small, when you add them to a space, they add certain small details, which have a great impact on the room’s atmosphere. Really, small low coffee table placed in the living room can make a big difference in your design.

Some Exquisite Tall Slim Table Designs To Fit Any Rooms Design

  1. Rogers nesting tables is a great option if you still can not make the decision about the size of needed piece. These are two side tables that can make a great company to sofa or perfectly fit into any corner of your room. The material they are made of is solid canaletta walnut.
  2. Designer T. Colzani offers to your attention small and pretty versatile side table called “Pausa”. It is a very graceful tall slim table that will ideally fit different designs, from mid-century to modern. Pausa consists of a frame made of solid canaletta walnut and of the top made of lacquered glass. This construction is held by tripod base.
  3. If you need tall slim table, piece called “Fritz” will be a good and very practical choice. Its practicality will be best seen in the living room or in any lounge area in your home. Its appearance is very simple, but chic: black metal base and top made of canaletta walnut. Another plus is that customer can choose between glossy and natural finish of the top’s inner part.

  4. Did you have some difficulties choosing very narrow side table to fit your couch or sofa? Script is a side table that will never bring you such problems. Matching almost any sofa, this piece very functional. It can become a laptop desk, a place for snack or a cocktail tall slim table whenever needed. Its frame is made of solid ash and there are two variants of its top: smoked glass and marble.
  5. Raster side table is a good alternative to a long thin coffee table to be placed in your house. This design has a pretty quirky appearance, because it does not have a smooth top, nut good news is that absence of the base makes another possibility to store some things downside, on the lower shelf. Another plus is a tray coated with leather that comes with the tall slim table.
  6. Marble base, metal frame and wooden or mirror top – this is a Ralf side coffee table. It is one of C-tables representatives and finds its best place near armchairs or sofas. Thanks to possibility of choosing the color and material for certain parts of the model, you can get the best tall slim table to become last puzzle piece in your home décor.

  7. Cupid is a tall slim table that, at first sight, does not raise much confidence in its perfect stability. However, its small tall base is a block of solid marble, so it is not only stable but also have pretty nice appearance and will give a distinctive look to the entire space it will stay in.
  8. Another great idea is to choose Mazargues side table and to pair it with an armchair or a sofa with same thin metal legs. The frame of this tall slim table is designed almost the same as bohemian furniture is. It looks modern, elegant and at the same time simple. Wooden top combining with the black metal frame acquire unrepeatable classical charm and still keep with the modern trends.
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Of course it is difficult to choose among hundreds of side table’s models. Remember, the main thing is to adore this piece of furniture and only then it will bring you much pleasure standing in the living room or any other room of your place.

8 Exquisite Designs of Tall Slim Table for Living Room Interior updated: June 10, 2021 by author: Ana White

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