Tree Log Tables: 13 Adorable Designs for Living Room Space

Balcony Chairs and Tree Trunk Coffee Table

In order to make a log tables from tree stump you do not need any special skills. Just choose the right sized trunk and make sure that it can stay straight. Maybe, this is a perfect idea for your new DIY project?

Of course, designers from all over the world have found the great potential in log tables ideas and now are ready to offer hundreds of their own creations. Look through several, most awesome ideas, and maybe here you’ll find something for yourself.

Tree Log Tables for Living Room Space

First of all, make sure that you know how use wood stumps for log tables. It is really easy task and requires minimum time and supplies. Such DIY project lets you to choose shape, size and other features of your new tree wood coffee table. For example:

  • Take two or more tree log tables with different dimensions and place them in the living room.
  • Take two cozy chairs and squeeze between them your new tree trunk coffee table. Thus you can create a comfy corner for reading or private seating area. Its inviting look will always attract any visitor.
  • Place three tree stumps near the chair beside the fireplace. Play with their dimensions and they will bring the raw beauty and will always be useful.
  • Nursery room is also a place where tree trunk side table may be useful and have a good look. Place one near an armchair in a corner of the room and pair it with a floor lamp.

  • Large trunk table in your living room becomes nice coffee table and complements the living area. Combine it with eclectic décor and natural finishes, and add several bold color patterns and accents.
  • Each tree is unique and the same may be said about tree trunk tables. Just take this advantage and let your log tables to be different. Add castors and make them not only unique, but functional as well.
  • Using a trunk as a coffee table, consider it has free formed edges. This will add a raw beauty to any cabin living room and will become its focal point.
  • Tree trunk tables are so versatile, the they look totally great it any interior, whether it is rustic or modern. In modern settings of living room consider simplicity as a key to success and use contrasts to add a visual interest.
  • Use a set of several tree trunk side tables to create a casual interior in the room. combine them or use individually. Some low items may also become footstools.

  • I transitional spaces or in social areas such log tables can become a centerpiece. Place a table and create a cozy and comfortable sitting nook.
  • In order to match the tree trunk table to color palette of the room, paint it. this way you can either perfectly integrate the table in the décor or make it to stand out.
  • Thanks to their natural and organic flair, tree log tables best of all integrates in the interior in outdoor areas. So, patios and terraces are probably the most perfect places to place them.
  • Maybe the most interesting and eye-catching ideas are tree trunk tables on hairpin legs. Although it has a little vintage look with a bit of rustic flair, it still remains enough versatile to fit in any home’s interior.
Tree Log Tables: 13 Adorable Designs for Living Room Space updated: July 26, 2020 by author: Ana White
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