TV Cabinet Furniture Designs: 5 Effective Rules for Choosing

42 Inch Above The Floor – How High To Mount TV

It is hard to imagine the typical living area without TV cabinet furniture designs, thus family members can feel themselves not at home but like in a bedroom, an office or a kitchen. The procedure is very simple – you choose and buy a TV, bring it at home and try to find the best place for it. But the problem may appear now – how high can you mount your TV?

How to Choose a TV Cabinet Furniture Designs

Well, you made a decision to install the TV on the wall, this is practical and clear mind, but it is only the first stage of TV cabinet furniture designs. The next one is choosing the best modern TV wall mount design for your equipment. If you have flat screen TV then the mount must be selected based on few aspects:

  • size of screen,
  • weight,
  • type of installing system you would like.

The fixed mounts are not controllable, so when they are tight to the wall they may confine the height at which you would like to place your TV. The tilt-swivel ones place the TV on the wall, and you can turn it from side to side, thus it shows a great flexibility. This is a practical TV unit, interior design will look practical and you will have an access to the back of the equipment easy.

How to Choose the Correct Height of Custom Made TV Wall Units

So, you have chosen the TV and perfect wall-mount for your needs, and then the next step is coming – choosing the right height for placing your equipment. This is hard to realize in TV cabinet furniture designs. It depends on many factors, such as:

  • a TV type,
  • a screen size,
  • a room’s layout,
  • available pieces of furniture,
  • the height of the family members.
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According to general rules, the screen’s center must be situated at eye level if the viewer seats. Thus, measure your sofa, sit on it and determine the distance from the bottom to the height of your eyes. You decide what the about height will be for everybody who will gather in this room to watch TV. You may also use formulas to consider the ideal height for your best TV cabinet furniture designs.

In general, if you choose TV wall mount with 55” then the perfect viewing distance is from 6′ to 12′. For 65” TV wall installing the distance could be from 8′ to 12′. Normally, TV must be at a height of 42” under the sofa. Sure, you may vary numbers according to your room and available space. Maybe you will choose TV cabinet furniture designs for walls, so take into account this detail.

What do you think about back panels to mount the TV on it? Such custom made TV wall units will be practical and beautiful as well. Actually, many various combinations are possible, switch on your imagination.

TV Cabinet Furniture Designs: 5 Effective Rules for Choosing updated: June 6, 2021 by author: Ana White

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