13 Ways To Make Your Sofa Table More Stylish

Fireplace and Side Table Behind Sofa

For many different reasons, sofa table is useful piece of furniture, and it does not matter where you will place it – behind your sofa, wall or by chair.

It offers an additional space for keeping different things such as books, magazines, techniques, lamp etc. Also it could play a role of space divider and separate an entertaining area from other part of the room that is important when you have some open-plan living rooms. There are so many couch tables variants and design ideas. Maybe, one of them becomes new DIY project soon.

13 Ideas for Sofa Table Using

  1. If the owner plans to buy some narrow sofa table for a small room and install in between couch and wall, then probably he won’t find something original at the store. What do you think about creating own unique piece of furniture? You may even built-in outlet there and recharge devices when it is needed.
  2. A beautiful white tall console table can perform as an amazing focal point for space, and anybody can decorate it with various original elements. Just choose interesting style and keep it. What do you think about coastal theme in a living area? You can apply any other style that inspires you.
  3. There are so many models of modern behind sofa tables with storage that may be found in local stores. They are easy to build because you need only some basic tools and materials such as reclaimed wood, pieces of old furniture that were broken. Only do not forget to complete this sofa table in the same style as your couch and room decoration is.
  4. An idea of making own sofa console is a perfect one, besides you may choose any model you want. Of course, everybody may use console, but it might not look as nice as you desire.
  5. Also, you can use many things that are able at your home, such as materials left after previous remodeling or things that you can use again. The easiest way is repurposing an available piece of furniture for example shelves, so make it new and stylish.
  6. For instance, an old bench can become new small console table for bedroom, you need to make minimal changes. You may place together two benches to make tall piece that can be a couch table or add an additional shelf to this unit.
  7. Maybe, you have a sofa that stays against a wall, but you can fill space between the wall and sofa. Think carefully about small slim console table that will look perfectly at your living room. You can place some items behind a sofa such as lamps, this piece takes little space on a floor.
  8. Usually, sofa consoles look beautiful in living areas with open plan in which the couch is near the wall. Thus, sofa table will serve as a divider between the relaxing area or other space. Also, it offers the additional storage for different things, for example, decorations.
  9. A sofa console creates more romantic ambiance in a living room with open floor plan. It serves as a barrier between zones in the living room, helps to create the harmonious interior decoration.
  10. Normally, the sofa console is lower than the sofa. So, it could stay non-intrusive and neutral. Plus, it should not long as a coach is. You may combine this piece with similar style of furniture.
  11. If your sofa table is taller than a divan, then use it as a bar. This is useful idea for basement rooms, caves for men, home theater, fun and entertaining living rooms.
  12. If your sofa plays the role of original room’s divider, the white and silver console table will better decorate the space. It could be a small size sofa table without additional shelves, so it looks lightweight and the room becomes airy.
  13. Also, you may put your couch console between the sofa and the window. This is versatile piece that fits any contemporary home.
13 Ways To Make Your Sofa Table More Stylish updated: May 9, 2020 by author: Ana White
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