Wood Panel Door

There are many popular simply and hardworking wood panel door in the market. The most popular of them are: 1. Flush Doors – can have a hollow or solid core, is ready for painting, and is finished in a wood veneer. It is expensive and can suit for typical modern architecture. The price of this kind of entries depends on the type of wood you will choose (hardwood or softwood). 2. Single-Panel – suit for Craftsman houses. It could be single panel arched variant which can add some characters to any design. 3. Two-Panel – very popular variant. It completes of plank details within the doors. And this one can make a farmhouse or country feeling. Usually this design is made of the tongue and groove wood. 4. Three-Panel– can be made from painted or in stained wood, for example, oak. This handsome door of solid wood will suit for any traditional architecture. The three-panel door can be decorated with circular details. 5. Four-Panel – another variant in traditional architecture, for example, wooden sliding door. 6. Five-Panel – will become an elegant detail in any design. 7. Six-Panel – the common style for many models. It can be made with a less-expensive hollow core or solid wood. 8. Specialty doors - there are many varieties of these doors, for example, models with authentic plank details and beautiful wood finish. Wood types affects the cost and finish appearance. 9. Glass Doors - wooden door with glass has a vast choice. For example, it could be a mirror in the single panel – perfect variant for a bath.

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