Which Solid Wood Dressers Are Chosen by Americans This Year?

Brown wood dresser

Nearly all types of wood is suitable for making furniture, and some of them are favored because of their beauty, durability, workability. Before 1900, furniture makers used walnut, oak, mahogany, rosewood, fruitwood, and rare wood and inlays. Vintage American furniture was often made with maple, walnut, birch, cherry, and pine. All chosen furniture woods were available, so not very beautiful ones, but popular for secret parts inside of it.

Today the most used wood is ash, pine, gum, poplar pine, fir, and so on. Rare woods are popular in using for good furniture and it combines with not so expensive woods. In addition, natural and harmless furniture is an indicator of the level of quality of life!

Black wood dresser

Popular Wood for Solid Wood Dressers

A dresser is necessary and comfortable piece of furniture. It can be not high closet with boxes and a flat lid. Thus, black small dresser can be used not only inside but also outside such as a table. Due to its roominess and low altitude, a dresser can be used not only in bedrooms, but also in kid’s room, and in the hall.

To choose a solid dresser is an easy work. To do this, you need only specify the desired sizes of the dresser and the place where it will later stand. If you decide to buy this furniture for the children, then its height should fit the child’s growth and the boxes are easy to be reached.

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Wood is very popular material for making dressers. The mot common variety is pine. It has a pleasant aroma, which preserves the furniture, but also it is a natural antiseptic. Soft pine allows realizing the most incredible carvings in any model, for example, tall brown dresser or 20 inch wide dresser.

Oak dressers are famous because of its strength and durability, they are not afraid of moisture. Individual models are covered with natural lacquer or treated with oil.

Luxury hotels, famous restaurants and villas boast dressers of mahogany. It’s quite beautiful in appearance and durable model; they have an incredible hue thanks to wood: red sandalwood, black alder, yew, and others.

20 inch wide dresser

How to Choose Good Solid Wood Dressers?

Everybody can choose the best wooden thin tall dresser. For this you have to know how to identify the wood’s type. It can be hard at first, but you’ll find it easier with new experience. Later you may be able to recognize various woods by smell and touch, color and grain. You should know some basic rules in doing this:

  1. Consider the piece of furniture itself. Te main questions are:
    • How old is it?
    • What style is it?
  1. Choose the color. Normally color can vary from tree to tree, its tone is normally constant within a species. The color intensity may change as well, but the quality will stay.
  2.  Notice the grain. Te main questions are:
    • Is the wood open- or close-grained?
    • Are the pores evenly distributed, or are they concentrated at the growth rings?
    • Is the grain straight or wavy, mottled or swirled?
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Which Solid Wood Dressers Are Chosen by Americans This Year? updated: September 4, 2016 by author: Linda Carpenter


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