Maple Chair Version 3

Many workers prefer to use hardwood for making furniture, including chairs. It is promoted to create a big variety of colors and textures. The only drawback is high price on hardwood chairs and other finished pieces. Popular hardwoods are: 1. Ash – has straight grain and white to brown color. It is easy to work with, and has nice stain. But it is hard to find this type of wood on lumberyards. You can substitute it for white oak. 2. Birch – exists in yellow and white color. This hardwood is easily available, and not so expensive like other hardwoods. But it is hard to stain because of possible blotchy. 3. Cherry – is popular, all-around good wood. It is easy to work with, has reddish-brown color, the sapwood is white. Cherry chair is sustainably grown forests furniture. 4. Mahogany – is one of the great furniture woods, called also like Honduran mahogany. It has reddish-brown, deep-red color with straight grain and medium texture. Chairs of this material look great, take good stain and need a coat of oil. 5. Maple – can be soft and hard. As for hard maple, it is difficult to work with, and the soft maple is not. Has fine, straight grain, is very stable. Maple chair will be less expensive than other wooden furniture. 6. Oak – is often used for making furniture, is known in 2 varieties: red and white. This wood is strong and easy to work with. It is resistant to moisture so can be good variant for outdoor chairs and other furniture.

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