Red Wooden Chairs

Softwoods are not so strong like hardwoods. Softwoods are presented by coniferous trees: cedar, fir, pine and are found in yellow reddish color. This type of trees grows fast and straight, and softwoods cost not so expensive like hardwoods. The most common types of softwoods for making chairs are: 1. Cedar – is good for making red wooden chair. It is soft with straight grain and slightly aromatic smell. Red cedar is often used for making outdoor furniture including chairs. This type of wood is also good for other outdoor project: decks, building exteriors. Red cedar is not very expensive. 2. Fir – has strength, pronounced grain and reddish brown tint. The most popular kind of fir is Douglas Fir. It is also used for building and furniture making. If you plan to paint the finished chair or other product, choose fir. Douglas is enough strong and hard for softwood. 3. Pine – have some varieties: Ponderosa, Sugar, White, and Yellow. It is easy to work with this wood and it lends to carving. Pine chair can have different shapes and stain. 4. Redwood – is often used for making outdoor chairs thanks to its resistance to moisture. This wood is soft with straight grain and it is easy to work with.

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