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Making Cork Stool IKEA

The intriguing shape of these stools is abstract and captures the eye of every person who has seen it. Each item is made of solid block and has a unique recessed seat. It looks like a liquid curving downward and that’s why it is the best idea to create some interesting patterns with several such IKEA cork stools.

Today I'm gonna be trying a Pinterest classic: the wine cork stool IKEA and bath mat. Yes, I have been seeing this project for years, over on the good old Pinterest, but it recently came back into my life through this nifty video. Now, I'll admit, I'm pretty freakin' skeptical of this being practical as a bath cork stool IKEA. So let's get started, shall we? Alrighty! So, I did my research on this one, because I really want to make this a really good project. So not only did I watch that nifty video, but I also read the comments below the video. And I found out some things.

First, you should cut the corks in half, because then you won't need as many corks. Thus saving your liver, and your bank account. You'd need like 250 corks just to make one bath cork stool IKEA, if you weren't cutting them in half. Even when you cut them in half, you need like ninety of them. That's crazy! That is a drinking problem right there. Or it's going to take you like a year to save all those corks, or like a month. Wait what? You can get used corks online? Oh, of course you can. But you know what, I also read that cutting them in half makes them more stable on cork stoos. Which totally makes sense to me, so we're still doing it. But before you do that, I was told that you should boil them first, because it will cut down on the crumbs.

So yeah, that's what I tried to do, and guess what, wine corks float. It's not that easy to boil them, kind of a pain in the ass actually. I don't know if this helped at all, but that's okay. Whoever said to boil these is a f*cking asshole. Steamin' pile of corks. This honestly smells so bad, it makes me wanna vomit.

Next, I spent about two hours cutting corks in half. Yeah, this is not an easy task. Okay? Be careful, be very careful, no one needs to lose a finger on this DIY project. Actually, I went the extra mile, and even got a new tool to perform this task. Yeah, look at me go. It's cutting through them like butter. Once you have a sufficient amount of corks cut, next you can take out your cork stool pad. Normally used for keeping cork stool IKEA in place on hard floors, and just cut out a piece the size that you want your bath cork stool to be.

You also need a scrap piece of cardboard, 'cause you don't want to get glue all over your cork table. This is very important, because it's about to turn into a gluepocalypse up in here. Speaking of which, you need your hot glue gun, and some hot glue gun sticks. And guess what, You're ready to start gluing your corks on. Getting corky with it. I'm feeling a little corky today. This takes quite some time, Let me tell ya'. And you got to make sure it doesn't stick to your cardboard, so you're constantly having to pull it off of there, and then wait for them to dry. Alright, I got one row done, and that only took an hour! And I think I only have about 15 more rows to go. Awesome! Totally worth it.

Things did start going a little faster as I started to get the hang of it, but it still takes a really long time. Just keep gluing, just keep gluing, just keep gluing. Yeah, and after about four and a half hours, I was almost done. It was in a very sensitive spot, and I'm already sunburnt. It hurts so much. I did happen to burn myself, a few times. Which, you know, is normal when you're doing a hot glue gun project. Speaking of which, I've used about forty gluesticks for this project and as I predicted, it's a goddamn gluing nightmare in here. It's a pretty sticky situation, you might say. Or you might not, because you think all my jokes are dumb, or you don't like GFY.

I'll also say that, if this is your first DIY project, you're probably, not gonna have a good time. This is some advanced DIYer sh*t, so don't get upset if you can't make it happen. Also, as advanced of a DIYer as I am, this still kinda looks like sh*t. I mean, you can see the glue gun everywhere, and I'm not sure I really like it. Yeah! I may just whine about it a little bit. Okay?

Nifty, I don't think this is so nifty. I even went the extra mile and glued some twine around the edge. Look at that professional sh*t, huh? I actually learned it from one of your commenters. Thank you, commenter. Now that is nifty. Okay, I mean, I've spent like six hours on this thing, and were supposed to use it as something that people step on? I don't think I like that idea. I mean, I'll put it next to the bath cork stool, just to get a good shot of it, but I honestly don't think this could withstand the tortures of being used as a bath cork stool IKEA. I mean, there's pieces of it that are already coming apart, so, yeah.

I should probably also mention, that my cat has been using it as a scratching pad. What are you doin'? Hey, what are you doin' with those little paws? Oh, you want some too? Um, so there's that. And you know what? I spent a lot of money on this f*cking thing. All these supplies, were not cheap. This is like a $60 bath cork stool IKEA. This is the most expensive non-functional bath cork stool I've ever owned. And I've owned a few! Well, at least two, anyway. It's all wonky-looking, and I tried my hardest to keep these things in line. And no, it looks like crap. I think the only way this thing is gonna be salvaged, is if we turn it into a cork coffee table, and then just pin things to it, so you can't see how sh*tty it actually looks.

And honestly, this thing is just not my aesthetic at all, so, I really don't know what the f*ck I'm gonna do with it. Hey, maybe one of you want it? Leave a comment below, telling me why I should send it to you. Otherwise, I think this thing was a huge waste of time. No one should waste their energy, their money, or their finger burns, to make this project happen.

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