Wood Guest Chairs: 5 Resourceful Decor Tips for Your Home

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Sometimes wood guest chairs look very dull, or are descended from generation to generation and are in need of some renovations. Although, wood guest chairs are so practical, functional and quite versatile, in most cases they have boring and dull appearance. If you also have several pine wood guest chairs that need renovations, here are several great ideas about how to decorate and change their design.

Each of following ideas are perfect and easy DIY projects and, which is even more pleasant, will not make a dent in your wallet. Choosing one idea you will always have the possibility to change the appearance of the renovated wood chair by changing the color, accessories or cover whenever you want. You can start with one idea, or do all of them at a time. The main thing is to forget how look wood dark dining chairs in every second house in your country.

Here are highly inspirational and quick tips!

Painting Wood Guest Chairs

It is obviously the easiest way to decorate dull solid chair. Hand-painting, at first sight, is extremely easy and simple task, but when some people dive into such projects they face some troubles. Somebody is scared that can mess up, or even worse, they don’t even think about this option, because they’ve never tried something like this before. But, actually, this process is a big fun and a great way to bring the old furniture pieces to life.

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This option works even better when the plan is: first – paint, second – accessorizing. Appliqués, fringe or wooden pieces beautify the item several times when added after painting. Craft stores in the neighborhood and personal creativity of a performer are main factors of the great result.

Add Fabric

Wood guest chair will get totally new look with chair covers. You can buy it in the nearest store or make it yourself. Add some fabric to the seat or back and make the space around the chair more cohesive.

Use Wood Guest Chairs for Different Purposes

There is something new and unique in the idea of using your old shabby woven wood chair as a piece of furniture with different functions. It can become a nice side table or a place for displaying different things.

Add Cushions on Wood Guest Chairs

Cushions always add coziness to any piece of furniture. At them to the simplest wooden chair and make them have a new look. Moreover it is much easier than any of before mentioned options for DIY projects.

Wood Guest Chairs: 5 Resourceful Decor Tips for Your Home updated: July 26, 2020 by author: Ana White

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