Wood Panel Interior Space In Your Home: How to Decorate It

Wall Panel Decoration Ideas

Today, when people hear words “Wood paneling” they usually imagine dark rustic wood panel wall that were in trend several decades ago. Unfortunately, but most often peoples’ minds are not ready to imagine something more than that.

Today, wood paneling can be bright enough, natural and pretty cheerful. With the right approach, such styling can deepen the interior and make it more subtle. Here are several wall panel decoration ideas that first have to be considered.

Creamy White Wood Panel Interior

Vertical wood panel interior made in neutral light colors add comfortable country charm to the interior. It is a good idea to complete it with some modern art pieces. The neutral color palette with texture moving to the forefront, freshen the overall look of the room and attract the eye of every visitor.

Dark Colored Wood Panels

Contrasting the light painted panels, dark colored panels, especially contrasting white colored lines, also deserve your attention. Those white vertical lines, being thin, break the darkness of black color, which itself makes the room much cozier and sophisticated. Add here several pieces of eclectic furniture and some accessories and the result will amaze you. Do not forget about windows. They are essential in order not to let the wall look like a cave.

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Horizontal Living Room Paneling Ideas

Typically living room paneling ideas are all about vertical panels of all kinds. But why not to lay those wood strips horizontally? This would be a great idea for making an accent wall. They could be lightly stained in order to highlight the naturalness of the wood grain. This way such paneling can become a separate piece of art in your house. Another elements, like perfect rug, wood ceiling or even flowers can create an unforgettable sense of cohesion in a chose space. It’s just so beautiful.

Whitewashed Oak Wood Wall Paneling

Hardwood floors are usually quite dark although so beautiful. In this case the idea of whitewashing wood paneled wall and ceiling is such a great choice. The natural grain of oak wood wall paneling will not be lost after the whitewash and at the same time the material is lightly toned down so that it successfully compete with another wood elements in the décor of the room. The most beautiful accent of such interior is the cohesion of all those elements. Another plus of whitewashed walls is its ability to become a flawless backdrop for unique furniture piece like antique chair or side table.

Go With It

Sometimes people already have natural wood panels which do not look like brand new ones. And sometimes an effort to paint them might be considered a crime because the rustic charm and organic feel may be faded away after the painting. If you are one of those lucky people, just leave these efforts and just go with it. Add here some simple furnishings, several pillows and be ready to enjoy the atmosphere!

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Wood Panel Interior Space In Your Home: How to Decorate It updated: February 13, 2017 by author: Linda Carpenter

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