10 Attractive Wood Quality Floating Shelves For Wall Decor

The wall shelf design ideas are not new, but it don't stop to impress anybody with great functionality and versatility.

Placing quality floating shelves in the room is a good option for storage different things and avoiding the focus on the wall. The floating design of shelves is not new, but it does not stop to impress anybody with great functionality and versatility.

Moreover, their functionality is always complemented with simplicity. If you want to store and at the same time display any things, creative quality floating shelves come to help you. They easily fit in any design idea and, which is important, they save such a valuable floor space.

Wood Quality Floating Shelves – Great Idea for Storage

The versatility and airy appearance of these pieces make them suitable for any room in the apartment. You can place them anywhere: in the living room, hall, kitchen, kids’ room or even bathroom. Thanks to modern designers, there is an endless number of colors and designs, so each homeowner has the possibility to choose one that meets all requirements.

When chosen correctly, floating white wall shelves made of wood will provide a lot of space for storage and, in addition, may look sleek and fun. If this is exactly what you need, choose the perfect one of existing styles and place it in the house or in the office. If it is not enough, try to group several quality floating shelves together and you’ll see the created visual impact.

The Best Quality Floating Shelves Ideas Decorating

Contemporary design with minimalist design, rustic look made of wood, glass, metal, plastic and so on. Really, you may use any of quality floating shelves ideas decorating your home. You can even get the one featuring spectacular design – it will be both a place for storage and a work of art. Main features of all these pieces are their simplicity, elegance and low cost. Having an airy look, any of quality floating shelves is attached to the wall with screws, so it is very strong and safe. This means that wood floating TV shelves have a right to exist.

Replace the casual shelf with a furniture piece that catches an eye and makes your things float, especially if colors of the wall and of the piece are the same. Absence of any visible support will transform the mind of every guest. Change outdated furnishings for elegant bright accents – colorful quality floating shelves and make them become a storage, release the part of living space and do not forget about the overall design or the room where you want to place it.

10 Attractive Wood Quality Floating Shelves For Wall Decor updated: August 5, 2020 by author: Ana White
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