8 Charming Wood Tiny Nightstand Ideas for Small Bedroom Decor

Wall Shelf Nightstand

Tiny nightstand is very popular piece of furniture but they are complex and fit perfectly for small bedrooms. They are stylish and flexible enough to suit for many interiors, but they also may be simple and diminutive as well and it’s also perfect.

For most people it’s necessary to save maximum free space, so choosing the nice tiny nightstand is a good decision for small rooms. And their small and simplistic shapes are the nice opportunity to have an practice with cheap wood nightstands and not to getting lost in chic and expensive elements.

Popular Ideas for Dark Tiny Nightstand Designs

  1. When you have limited space you must choose custom-designed furniture very often, and the bedside table is one of such kind of furniture. Find the simple enough style that you will create by yourself.
  2. If you try to find more free space for making extra storage in your nightstands then choose the set of corner shelves. You can put there some magazines and other important things and use them only a small part of your room. You can buy it for about 50 dollars.
  3. If you don’t try to find some extra storage for your things then pay attention to simple and nice wall-mounted shelf placed near your bed to place there a phone, a vase and the like. Such shelf is little and can be applied for any interior bedroom without accounting the size of the room. Besides, you may spend only 10 dollars on it.

  4. Wall-mounted boards can have various shapes and colors. For instance, choose a vertical shelf especially if you plan a new DIY project with multipurpose furniture.
  5. You may also choose an interesting model of wall-mounted shelves as nightstands for tall beds. It may consist of two shelves to place the necessary things like a book, a phone and so on.
  6. Pine wood nightstands realized in a simple shape with open shelf can be the perfect idea for contemporary bedrooms. The style of such tiny nightstand is multipurpose and has a huge storage making. If you have modern bedroom then choose some simple and stylish furniture.

  7. If the design of your room is classic and you want to buy a classic piece of furniture with a small space for storage then choose some simple narrow one drawer tiny nightstand that won’t need a great changing of space.
  8. Also, you may choose narrow designed boards that will fit for the both sides of the bed to finish the wall. Besides, such dark nightstands are dimensionally- productive because they make the room more spacious and stylish. Choose interesting variants with a special drawer for many things keeping.
8 Charming Wood Tiny Nightstand Ideas for Small Bedroom Decor updated: June 22, 2020 by author: Ana White
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