Wooden Bed Design: 4 Dazzling Types For Your Bedroom

Choosing wooden themed bedroom design make your dream fairy tale.

Despite the development of new technologies and many different materials, wooden bed design was and will be very popular. It’s a classic that never goes out of fashion. Although the current trends and new mechanisms make the wood bed design multi-functional.

Choosing a bed for the sleeping room is an important and responsible process because the bed should not only be spectacular and stylish, but also comfortable. Your health and vitality depend on your dream. An ideal material for such important furniture is the wood – eco-friendly and safe for humans.

Wooden beds have no analogs: high-quality materials, reliability and durability of construction, the safety of the product – all this makes this furniture a worthy option for adult bedrooms and room for a teenager.

Types of Wooden Bed Design

Wooden bed, it’s a great chance to have not only comfortable but also a stylish bed for a perfect rest. Choosing the right wooden bed design for bedroom make your dream fairy tale. In addition, it is possible to add multiple functional details: boxes for clothes, lifting mechanism, space-saving, functional bedside tables or shelves.

  • Classic wooden bed design is a model of luxury and wealth. Massive with an abundance of carved elements artsy back and probably canopy – that’s what should be a real king-size bed of wood. Often these beds encrusted by metal, stone or velvet to give them a more sophisticated look.
  • Provence wooden bed design is a light wood such as birch or ash. To make this bed more refined, you can add the drawers, antique furniture, and elegant handles.
  • East wooden bed design is an example of austerity. These beds are very low and it is stylish. Also, attention is drawn to color: preferably dark rich shades of wood, such as cherry or wenge.To make the interior with a bed authentic, designers offer to make the podium and to put the bed as low as possible.
  • Modern wooden bed design is a perfect combination of simplicity and functionality. The corners are smoothed, and the joints are not visible. This bed fits minimalist and to a modern interior. Laconic and rigor – that’s what distinguishes these beds.

Why Should You Choose the Wooden Bed Design

  • Wooden bed is safe for the body. Do not worry about that the substance will allocate an unknown material when you are sleeping.
  • These beds are not boring and commonplace, in any furniture store you will find many variants of wooden beds in different styles.
  • The natural substance has a calming effect on the human psyche. And sleep in a wooden bed is always calm and deep.
  • A wooden bed design is the most reliable and durable piece of furniture. The high cost of these products is justified by long life.

How to Take Care of the Wooden Bed

  • The room where there is a wooden bed should not be too cold, and humidity limit – is 50-70%.
  • Conditioners, heaters, and radiators should not be close to the bed.
  • Direct contact with water can be fatal for the wooden bed: wood will be crack.
  • The wooden bed does not like aggressive action like jumping on a mattress, it is contraindicated.
  • Any stain from a bed should be promptly removed with special formulations for the care of the wood.
  • To make the surface look attractive, it should be periodically coated with wax or a special compound to protect it from external damage.
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Grace of a wide range of species, and sets of wooden bed you can choose the perfect wood bed design for your room from classic to modern.

Wooden Bed Design: 4 Dazzling Types For Your Bedroom updated: September 19, 2020 by author: Ana White


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