1 Awesome Wooden Roof Design Example for Your Counrty House

Remodeled House Beings The Views Inside The Living Room

There is a small house with wooden roof design built 550 meters above the sea level main uniqueness of which is not just great views or perfect location. This house was rebuilt after a fire storm in 1991 and now it has unique but simple design not so long ago completed by Terry and Terry Architecture.

Owners wanted their new house to have a connection to the garden and bay, and to have an open plan. Designers and architects perfectly connected indoor and outdoor space which gave totally great result. The dining, kitchen and living areas of the building were all connected and as a result formed an open space with a beautiful terrace.

Good Wooden Roof Design Example

Wooden roof design structures extend outwards and shelter living area from direct sunlight. Moreover, wooden porch roof makes the terrace a perfect viewing deck for admiring the surroundings and bay in full splendor.

The most unique design feature of the place is wooden roofing sheets. This detail makes indoor and outdoor spaces feel and look inviting, warm and very cozy. It perfectly balances function, comfort and looks of the house. In a row with simplicity, wavy wood ceiling creates welcoming ambiance and guarantees pleasant feelings to any visitor.

Wooden roof design and other parts of this place are mainly made of wood and other eco-friendly materials that add more uniqueness to the building and warmness to its dwellers.

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Landscapes around the house are completely unobstructed thanks to wooden roof design panels framing the terrace and all sides of the house, and transparent glass railings. The house also has open views into a garden. Concrete custom built planter is placed there with several goals – to act as a decorative element, as a bench, and to divide the house from garden.

No doubt, the main idea of architects was to make views around the house most important element. All rooms there are oriented and distributed so that they are perfectly sheltered from the sun and wind, but capture all that natural beauty around. Even the bathroom has a large window and a large mirror placed the way to reflect the unbelievable views.

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