5 Magical Ideas of Solid Wood End Tables for Living Room

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Solid wood end tables for living room are often used for decoration in Shabby Chic style. If you want you can just add a little piece realized in this style or transform the entire room into elegant and cozy Shabby Chic style. Solid wood end tables for living room are the great point to start this transformation.

5 Ideas for Unique Coffee Tables

  1. If you can’t build some solid wood end tables for living room yourself, then try to find rustic wood for your space. Try the coffee table with details of solid rough wood and put it in front of your sofa.
  2. When we are talking about Shabby Chic style, pay attention to models with spindle legs. You may find such a great feminine round table in IKEA store.
  3. If you or your partner does not like all Shabby Chic tendencies, then choose some light variant such as a rustic coffee table with a wide top. This will fit to your style but look a bit delicate.
  4. There are people who like a large chest as a coffee table. This furniture will make the function of a coffee table but stay at the right height. What do you think about this idea? Is it better then solid wood end tables for living room?
  5. Beautiful and elegant – these are the characteristics of an ideal coffee table that will definitely fit for your Shabby Chic room. Choose the marble top table with spindle legs; it will look modern and classic at the same time.

5 Ideas of Solid Wood End Tables for Living Room

  1. Also, you can buy a matching coffee table and side table with classic marble top. You may buy a beautiful model with robin’s egg legs that will look amazing in your living room.
  2. If you look for something more classic then choose solid wood end tables for living room that look like from your Grandma’s home. The model with shelves underneath is a good decision; by the way, you may put flowers there.
  3. IKEA proposes original coffee table that can be folded up. So people who live in small apartments can easily move it or even put away if it is necessary.
  4. Rattan piece is always on trend. A round side table from this material will bring the natural touch into your Shabby Chic room.
  5. Have you ever seen the unique coffee and solid wood end tables for living room that are decorated with rustic and vintage mirrored top? You can put this piece in your Shabby Chic living room.
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Shabby Chic Storage in Wooden Room Furniture

  1. A wooden classic console can be put everywhere in your house. You can a TV set there or even place such a table near the coach. There are so many variants with solid wood end tables for living room.
  2. Maybe your Shabby Chic room does not have a blanket ladder, it is ok. Of course, you can do it yourself but you should have space where you will store it. Then living room table design is exactly you need.
  3. Shabby Chic is often realized in the stylish cabinet from IKEA. You can store books and other things in the top and hold everything you want in the bottom where nobody can see it.
  4. Sometimes, you need a big storage space for keeping your things. Choose galvanized storage barrel for keeping your pillows, toys or umbrellas or something else.
  5. If you desire to find the ideal vintage cabinet, you must be ready it takes time. Look for the right size that will fit your space realized in beautiful color and finishing that will remind the true antique.
  6. Shabby Chic décor also takes care of houseplants. Add a ladder shelf to your stylish living room and place all your plants there when you want.
  7. The perfect Shabby Chic interior also must have one quirky piece. Such piece must be eye-catching and make the room personal and original. For instance, decorate your bookcase and it will be the beautiful point of your house.
  8. Did you consider putting a wardrobe into your living space? You will see that it is the great idea for keeping all pillows or holding the TV set or making the workplace. You can close this when guests come.
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