Wooden Sofas: 8 Best Tips Before Buying for Living Room

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Choosing a good wooden sofas for living room sometimes may become a real challenge, that’s why before buying it, there are several reasons which you should consider.

How Are You Going to Use Wooden Sofas?

Answering following questions it will be easier to determine exactly which type of wooden sofas you should look for.

  • Do you need it to use every day to watch TV and relax, or only on occasions?
  • Are you or somebody of you family members very tall? (If yes, then you should look for deep seating).
  • Do you or somebody from your family have bad knees? (If yes, then tight back and shallow seating is what you need).

The Shape of Wooden Sofas

After determining the way you will use a new sofa bed, consider the shape which will serve the best for your needs.

  • For relaxation choose the deep coach with loose pillows. Consider buying one with rolled arms or with low arms and high back.
  • Formal or traditional settings can have curvilinear shape, tough back and slick seating.
  • There is a wide choice of sectional sets. They are cozy and comfortable, especially for conversation.
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The Size of Wooden Sofas

To choose the right size of the set, look at the size of your room.

  • It is very important not to overpower the room with a big couch. This may prevent an easy traffic in the room. First, measure the walls of your room and only then go shopping for a settee.
  • Small sofa set, like the one with a tight back, will greatly fit in the room with small free space. It has a low profile, thus it will make your room look bigger.
  • Sectional sets can fit both, large and small rooms, remaining cozy and comfortable to relax on your own, or spending time with friends.

Choosing the Fabric Wooden Sofas

Choice of the fabric for new sofa set plays one of the most important roles.

  • Silk is not the best fabric to be used in places which are used most frequently.
  • Microfibers look great and can easily be cleaned. It is not difficult to find today inexpensive sofa sets with the microfiber upholstery.
  • Give preference to textured fabrics. They will serve you longer period and will wearout much later comparing to smooth ones.
  • Consider the option of choosing among a large selection of leather. You will easily find the color and the texture to your taste.

Choosing Wooden Sofas: Color and Design

Before making the final decision about the color and pattern of the coach, always think about other colors and design of your room.

  • Neutral colors always work well, especially in small room. Anyway, you can add several pillows with a pattern or choose brighter color of the set.
  • Looking for the cheap coach sofa for the living room, you should better select patterned fabric. This coach will definitely be heavily used, and this pattern will hide some small stains which will sooner or later appear.
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Where to Look for Quality Wooden Sofas?

Several tips that will prove the quality of your sofa:

  • Heavy weight means that sofa is made of hardwood.
  • Legs are the part of the sofa’s frame.
  • Shape of the cushions and seat do not change after you sit on them.
  • You do not feel the frame sitting on the coach.

Advantages of the Outdoor Wooden Sofas

  • Fabrics made for the outdoor furniture are now not less luxurious comparing to indoor ones.
  • They can be easily cleaned, so it is a great choice for the furniture placed in the areas with a high traffic.
  • There is a lot of options to make the design of your room more relaxed and cozy.

The Price Issue

Prices of the furniture sets vary significantly, depending on the design and of course on the quality of the piece. If you’ve found the sofa of your dreams, but cannot afford it, try to look for some sale events in your area.

Anyway, sofa is a long time purchase, so you should make sure to buy the best one you can afford.

Wooden Sofas: 8 Best Tips Before Buying for Living Room updated: August 28, 2020 by author: Ana White

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  • Timber

    Yes of course, size of sofa does matter. There is no point in buy a sofa set that doesn’t fit into your living room or it is too small. Also it is preferable to buy a sofa set that matches with your living room appearance and color. Again there is no point in buy such a sofa that looks like odd man out.

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