Used Nightstands: 4 Popular Small Wood Nightstand Ideas

A small cherry nightstand can look like a bedside chair or other usual thing.

Bedroom is the most intimate room in any apartment. We can have a rest there, relax after hardworking day and spend a time alone. So, it is important to have perfect stylish room with comfortable and cozy furniture like used nightstands. In bedroom decor small wood nightstands play the second role, after bed of course. It is a place for setting the alarm clock, glass of water and lamp, unread books and magazines.

Unfortunately, this small type of furniture gets overlooked often. A nightstand can look like a bedside chair or other usual thing. That is why designer have many good ideas in nightstand decor. This furniture, such as maple nightstands, can transform your bedroom style in glamorous, vintage or contemporary or fix a bedroom color scheme.

Types of Used Nightstands

It is rather difficult to orient among the big number of contemporary nightstands which are procurable in the market. Nowadays, in stores you can choose such variants of a nightstand for the bedroom:

  • narrow nightstands with drawers;
  • open locker-nightstand;
  • mounted model;
  • a nightstand with a retractable or swiveling table.

Popular Materials for Used Nightstands

Any material fits for making of nightstands. Wood and chipboard, glass, mirrors, metal, plastic and leather are the materials for making this furniture. Often, designers can use few these materials. The necessary thing – the finished furniture have to harmoniously be suitable into the style of the bedroom.

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Our tip: if somebody in your family cuts up from allergies or asthma, you have to choose a nightstand made with natural materials. Desirably, sure, furniture of wood. A pretty popular is furniture of oak, beech or pine. Anyway, the furniture with plastic, metal or glass elements are deemed to be the most practical. Besides, they look great in any contemporary design. But, if you have to buy the nightstand of cheaper materials, something like fiberboard or particleboard, you should definitely make sure that manufacturers used well-known glue for the bonding furniture. Glutinous base of big quality can cause harmful vapors.

Modern Trends in Small Wood Used Nightstands

The most popular design is used nightstands on their own four feet, which are not attached to the wall or embedded into the bed. Geometric touch will complement your room in Hollywood Regency-style. The gold minutiae on the bed stand perfectly unite angles and lines. For the Baroque style used nightstands with ornate curly thighs and curved facades will fit. Classic, covered with veneer variant with a thread would be perfect for a bedroom in a classic style. Bamboo used nightstands will perfect suit here. Luxury Rococo forms are recognizable even in nightstands design.

One of the most cozy and comfortable interior solutions, rural country, vintage or ethnic style, suggest creative approach to ordinary things and natural materials. Decorated with painting, executed in the decoupage style, wooden or leather – this is the perfect one, such as white solid wood nightstand, in the bedroom for those styles.

Used Nightstands: 4 Popular Small Wood Nightstand Ideas updated: September 18, 2020 by author: Ana White

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