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POLaRT Furniture Designs

Classic Baroque In Modern Style Furniture Design

POLaRT is the Mexico- and US-based company that creates French baroque style furniture that may be described with different characteristics, but nobody will never say that their pieces are dull or boring. Exciting mixture of colors and unique designs results in a great variety of furniture pieces, from which any person will find at least one to take home.

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Decorating An Antique Styled Dining Room – Old Plates On Wall

Design-Forward Antique Furniture With Your Unique Decor

Although, today’s world is full of rampant decluttering, modern technology and minimalist deigns, designers all over the world continue creating design-forward and interesting spaces that include different antique furniture and other pieces, and people still want to see them in their homes. One of the ways to own pieces of the best antique furniture is to opt for recreated vintage…

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