Modern Solid Wood Furniture Manufacturers: List of 10 Popular

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Many modern solid wood furniture manufacturers like soft beautiful wood for making good quality furniture. This peace will have clean lines, great grains; bright stains can disturb our imagination. This piece can be made with reclaimed wood, FSC-certified, eco-friendly stains and sealants. For those who are looking for modern solid wood furniture I propose this list, because I collected all popular modern solid wood furniture manufacturers this year.

The List of Popular Modern Solid Wood Furniture Manufacturers

  1. Miles & May: is popular company which works with reclaimed and sustainable pieces, use cast-off, scrag or wood. By the way, the large manufacturers reject this material. Miles & May was made in New-York and presents about 50 designs of different styles. Each project is inspired by the wood, so, furniture can be sleek, modern, or much textured.
  2. André Joyau: works in this industry more than 20 years. He creates contemporary piece of furniture, handcrafted ones. He uses only sustainable materials, for example, hand-selected forest, reclaimed wood and saved industrial objects. André Joyau creates adult and children’s furniture, wood screens, accessories and home lighting.

  3. Green Sawn: was based in Chicago and still growing. This store is specialized on making furniture from reclaimed lumber and locally wood. Green Sawn can create countertops, cabinets, or doors. The furniture has already done or customized. You can see all range on their website.
  4. Uhuru: is a company which makes not only a design but a build as well. It is well known because of making it from reclaimed, salvaged, or recycled materials. The popular lines are collection of Coney Island’s reclaimed and made from single large, rough slab of felled material.
  5. Kerf: it’s one of modern solid wood furniture manufacturers that creates simple, functional, and amazing pieces of furniture. They make nice wood furniture from FSC-certified plywood and a formaldehyde free glue. Kerf uses 16 colors of laminate. Actually, this company makes a design and builds everything in their studio in Seattle. You can also find affordable DIY cabinets in the store to finish them on site.
  6. SchubLaden: is German furniture company which is specialized in second using salvaged one-off drawers made from MDF or solid wood structure. Each piece of this material is unique and tells about the history of drawers.
  7. April Hannah: makes non-toxic children’s furniture. All pieces are made from substantial one-inch, FSC-certified, and formaldehyde-free plywood.

  8. TEAM 7: is one of a big modern solid wood furniture manufacturers which creates contemporary, green, and non-toxic pure wood furniture. This company was made in Europe and it is well known because of using ecologically sound and sustainable methods and materials. This manufacturing process is low-waste and low-energy. Nowadays this store is very popular because it uses renewable, reused, or recyclable materials. Modern solid wood furniture manufacturers say inexpensive furniture here is non-toxic. Green organizations certified the TEAM 7’s furniture.
  9. Sundance: uses only reliable resources for making bedroom wood furniture. All their home goods are made from this material. Many their pieces are antique, some of them are made from reclaimed wood sourced. They take this material from old schools, barns or other buildings.
  10. Nightwood: its catalog has many couches, chairs, tables, shelving and so on. They all look like a patchwork of reclaimed wood and fabric. This company has the idea that is realized in reconstruction of found wood into beautiful and unique finishes and colors. They are making the most unique pieces of furniture from many modern solid wood furniture manufacturers.
Modern Solid Wood Furniture Manufacturers: List of 10 Popular updated: June 20, 2021 by author: Ana White
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