12 Interesting Ideas to Make Suspended Coffered Ceiling System

Suspended Coffered Ceiling

Suspended coffered ceiling system seem like they are produced only for large houses with a lot of square footage. Maybe you think that a big chandelier can be installed only in a mansion.

The same thoughts are concerning coffered ceilings. But in fact, you don’t need to buy a big house to create such a ceiling. Original wood floors, board and batten, a suspended coffered ceiling system will bring an interesting style to any interior, without paying attention to the size of the room. Get the inspiration from these useful tips of living ceiling design.

12 Interesting Suspended Coffered Ceiling System Ideas for Your Home

  1. The space with high suspended coffered ceiling system is difficult to transform into the homey and cozy area. A traditional ceiling design will help to make ceilings an asset.
  2. It is obvious that you don’t need to have a high ceiling to make coffered furnishing. Just use a shallow trim and get a coffered look with saving all necessary space for a head.
  3. Nowadays most people prefer to make the open space in their apartment to create, and they need to find some ways of separating spaces from each other without building walls. Put a coffered ceiling over a space of open floor plan, like the living room, and define the spaces you need.
  4. Living room ceiling design ideas suggest using not only white color. Let your ceiling be a star using inky shade for the trim.

  5. Another variant is painting the inner areas and no the coffered ceiling. Just choose a favorite color to avoid some creams or whites.
  6. Do you want to add some modern touch to the traditional style? Start with coffered ceiling design ideas. Install rows in a diamond pattern on your ceiling.
  7. Don’t leave your suspended coffered ceiling system without finishing. Apply fancy trim or tiles and even the boring home will look like a mansion.
  8. Designers are sure that the most suitable space for ceiling decoration is a library. You may start with the home office if you have it.
  9. Remember, all work with suspended coffered ceiling system should not be too expensive. Find few rustic wood beams that match with other elements in your house, and install them in classic style. This is easy.
  10. There are coffered ceilings that are installed in dark rooms. If you prefer to increase the light in the room add some skylights into the ceiling. It will look natural.
  11. But if your suspended coffered ceiling system is situated in a basement then skylights are impossible. Then choose the specific lighting that will make the all space light up.
  12. Maybe you would like to upgrade the decoration that you have already. Then choose shiplap on the inside trays there.
12 Interesting Ideas to Make Suspended Coffered Ceiling System updated: June 5, 2021 by author: Ana White
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