Antique Pine Doors Interior Design: 8 Important Cons and Pros

Solid Wood Pine Doors

If you are one of those people who adore natural materials in the antique pine doors interior design is the perfect option for you. This is a timely classic that fits perfectly in anyantique pine doors interior thanks to hundreds of designs offered by modern technology.

Doors are an integral part of any interior. They serve not only as dividers of the home space, but also beautify and complement the entire design. They always have appealing look, are functional, reliable and durable, and of course, are high quality.

Advantages of Antique Pine Doors Interior

Knotty antique pine doors interior gives a lot of advantages comparing to alternative variants. Elegance, style and prestige given by solid wood is always a plus. But the biggest advantages are environmental friendliness and natural beauty of material in the antique pine doors interior. It is safe for the health of people, especially for children.

Pine doors are as reliable and durable as solid wood is. The best proof of their long life is old houses built a century ago or even earlier. In such houses you can often find antique pine doors which still look appealing. Even if it is worn out, professionals know how to restore the original look with the help of special restoration techniques and make them serve the next hundred of years with honor.

Pine wood doors also have such properties like heat and sound insulation, which compared to items made of other materials, is much better. Thanks to special techniques of wood drying, they may be used even in bathroom and kitchen. Doors with special protective coating do not warp and are not afraid of water and steam. Pine wood is much lighter than other solid woods like oak. This means that sagging over time is almost impossible.

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Lower cost of rustic pine doors comparing to other options is another advantage in favor of these doors, especially if you are looking for high quality ones.

Many color schemes and antique pine doors interior designs may be complemented by the light color. Country, rustic, traditional and modern, any design will benefit from its unique look, genuine texture and original knots, which are characteristic features of pine wood interior doors.

Usually, these doors have a lot of different designs, but are made in standard sizes. Of course, if you are looking for a custom one, like pine doors with glass, everything is possible.

Disadvantages of Antique Pine Doors Interior and How to Avoid Them

There is only one thing concerning pine wood doors that must worry customers. Pine wood products, as well as products made of any other type of wood, are afraid of humidity and temperature changes. Deformation, loosing of shape, sagging – these are consequences of improper handling of wood. Material should be properly treated with chemicals and coated with special high quality lacquer.

Being durable, pine wood is a bit soft. So, you should remember that it can easily dent. If you are not going to punch a hole in it, door will serve you for many years.

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Antique Pine Doors Interior Design: 8 Important Cons and Pros updated: August 4, 2020 by author: Ana White

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