Painted Living Room Furniture: 5 Modern Methods to Create

Red Leather Couch Living Room

The apartment may have the unique style with painted living room furniture as the owner has; regardless you are bold, bright or relaxing and mellow. There are few rooms in any home; one of the most open from them is a living room. This room is a perfect place to meet guests, have family holidays, and express the personality.

The simplest way to make any space more personal is using simple favorite living room paint colors. This method is a versatile one that may transform any design without breaking the budget. Besides, these paints may give wonderful ideas how to decorate the main space in your home with painted living room furniture.

Interesting Methods to Create Painted Living Room Furniture

  1. To make one wall the accentual one. Maybe you have one perfect wall color for painted living room furniture, but it is too bald to make all walls with this shade. So the best decision is making the accentual wall to make the conceptual point in the apartment. Designers advise to highlight the architectural feature of the wall or maybe a frame for artwork collection. Here do not limit yourself with only one color for accentual wall, what do you think about stripes? They may work well when it is a task to tie together few colors.

  2. Contrast with the ceiling could be excellent way to make own style. Some designers may forget about ceiling unfortunately. But while decorating you may add the tone for overhead details to create interesting contrast with walls, so the space will become more dynamic. The effect depends on the shade of color – if you want the light design then choose muted shade. Or you may decorate white apartment with bright tone. To make the room bigger you could use blue or lilac shade. This ceiling paint design ideas work with low ceiling, thus it can appear higher.
  3. Do not forget about a floor. The choosing of wooden floor paint colours is also the way of expression of the personal style. You may paint or stain a floor for example in bright white, solid or bold tone. It gives the contemporary simplicity for any apartment with painted living room furniture. Designers often use also the imitation of well-known checkboard that has two contrasting colors. The concrete floor will look sleek, thus the light may reflect into the space. This material also could be the base for other subtle finish that is needed for quarried stone imitation or making the natural look.

  4. Use different interesting texture. This method gives the nice look, just with using textured paint treatments. To create the design you can use rag rolling, stippling, or marbling. If you are really interested in this technique then buy specialized brushes, rollers and other instruments. With them you could be the mater of wall decoration. This interesting technique makes the usual apartment more luxurious, it is because of using the neutral palette with only shades of one color.
  5. Use other methods, such as mural. This kind of wall creation would be small or occupies the whole wall. The tone also could be different – monochromatic or rainbow color scheme. There is no rules here, what do you think about painted living room furniture?
Painted Living Room Furniture: 5 Modern Methods to Create updated: June 23, 2021 by author: Ana White
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