Outdoor Seagrass Furniture: 11 Magical Ideas of Outdoor Chairs

Seagrass Furniture Indoor

Modern outdoor seagrass furniture deserve the attention of every person who wants to add some uniqueness and beauty to the indoor and outdoor placements of the apartment or house. Seagrass is one of the best options when you search for environmentally friendly and beautiful material for your furnishings.

Seagrass is the collective name of more than 50 types of sea plants which grows in such tropical countries like Philippines, Indonesia or Thailand. Another advantage of choosing this material, except its environmental friendliness, is its hypoallergenic features.

Visually Appealing and Functional Ideas of Woven Seagrass Dining Chairs

The reason of the today’s high popularity of using natural material in furnishings producing is clear to everyone. You definitely have seen indoor and outdoor seagrass furniture in such public places like bars, restaurants or shops. It gives coziness and great atmosphere to any place where it is placed.

Besides, it is highly functional, has light weight, is easy to maintain and resistant to moisture, which is especially important for outdoor seagrass furniture. If you want to change the look of your place and diversify the design without spending much money, this option is, probably, the best for you. Although, it can be easily fitted in almost any interior, because it works great with such materials like metal, wood, and glass.

Ways of Maintaining Outdoor Seagrass Furniture

If you need to clean your outdoor seagrass furniture, there is a simply ways to do this. Use brush or sponge, water and weak alkaline solution. If needed use vacuum cleaner. Stains can be removes with special cleaners.

Choose Seagrass Kitchen Chairs to Your Taste

If you want to find seagrass bedroom set or living room seagrass furniture it is all available in the market. Except these items you may find desks and tables, cabinets and benches, chests and even seagrass sofas.

There is a difference between seagrass, cane, rattan and wicker furniture. Most people sometimes can be confused by these terms, but if take a closer look, it is easy to understand and see this difference. The word “wicker” today has become a collective name of all woven pieces of furniture, but not the actual material like, for example, rattan, reed, bamboo or seagrass.

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Experts say that it is important to understand that “wicker” means nothing else but the process of waving the material, but not the material. Based on these facts it becomes clear that rattar, seagrass and wicker must be identified as separate meanings, because materials the furniture is made of differ significantly.

Why Woven Seagrass Dining Chairs Are a Great Choice?

Most popular reasons why people prefer outdoor seagrass furniture are its lightweight and perfect fit for exotic or tropical designs for its airiness.

Another reason to purchase this type of furniture is your willingness to help on saving the environment, and choosing eco-friendly, natural and hypoallergenic materials for your furnishings is one of the best ways to do this. Also, it will be the perfect choice for placing in kid rooms or in places where children often play.

There are dozens of ways to use outdoor seagrass furniture indoors or outside the house. For example, you can throw couple cushions on the chair or bench and move the composition from place to place whenever you may need it. These pieces will bring you many years of comfort, physical as well as aesthetic. Its bright color, pleasant to the touch texture and incredibly natural look combine with high durability and gives a unique look to any place where it will be places, inside or outside.

Decorating Patio with Seagrass Kitchen Chairs

Patio is one of the most popular places for outdoor seagrass furniture. As well as in the patio, this pieces can be placed in the garden and will make you feel like in the beach-house. Woven masterpieces differ from modern contemporary design tables and chairs with its lines. Instead of strict, here we have more smooth lines which are characteristic for tropic and rustic décor styles. Choosing seagrass furniture for outdoors you can be sure that it will survive any weather conditions and will go on giving you only great emotions when relaxing in it.

Seagrass Kitchen Chairs for Indoors

Today every room of your home can be perfectly decorated with woven furnishings. Among the most popular you may find: coffee tables, chairs, bar chairs, beds or sofas, etc. But when you come to the shop, you see that this list may be continued forever. Modern house designs appear to be even more colorful and unique, when you add some outdoor seagrass furniture to any of your rooms.

So, if you want to feel comfort, coziness and softness when coming home, one of the greatest options is seagrass furniture which you cannot go through when shopping for the new look of your home.

How to Build a Modern Woven Outdoor Seagrass Furniture

Do you like saving money by DIY-ing projects? Be sure to read this awesome next tutorial. I am excited about today’s project. One of the reasons we love DIY-ing is because you can save a lot of money building outdoor seagrass furniture, but also you can customize any piece that you find to really fit your own style. We are adding another DIY bench to our ever-growing list of cool woven seagrass bench ideas.

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This bench is a simple 2×2 box frame with a custom woven seat made of macrame string or yarn or rope (or whatever you’d call it). The best part is you can get creative about weaving whatever pattern you want for this bench. To get started, grab the free printable building plan and cut list. Cut the 2X2s to the length listed in the plans, paying attention to which ends are angled and which are straight.

You’ll cut 10 pieces total. Send all of the pieces smooth. It’s tempting to skip sanding, but this is especially important when you’re working with less expensive boards. Then, assemble the bench frame using wood glue and screws. Glue and clamp the legs to the bench, top pieces first. Then attach the stretchers between the two sets of legs. Next, drill pocket holes and attach the top supports.

Now is the time to fill the holes and joints plus paint or finish the frame, if you’d like. Scandinavian kind of style and it looks great. Finish it up by weaving the seat. This step isn’t difficult, but it is time-consuming. I also suggest using gloves or band-aids to protect your fingers as you weave. To start weaving, staple one color of your macrame string to the underside of the bench top. Then, start wrapping it around the bench top, tightly, keeping the rows straight.

When you finish one roll of string, just staple it to the underside of the bench and start again with a new roll. Weave the opposite direction with contrasting string to create the patterns. I created design by weaving five rolls of string at a time, with each group a different distance from the end of the bench. This creates a nice, stair-stepped geometric pattern on the woven bench top. I used four rolls of macrame string, but suggest using one or two more for a fuller pattern on the top of the woven outdoor bench.

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Seagrass Wicker Furniture – How to Stain Cane

I’m going to show you how to make the discolored cane on a chair look better and more like the original. Before you put any stain on your cane, cover up the bottom part of your seagrass outdoor chair here so nothing drips through. This will save you time on clean up later. I’m gonna use a Minwax dark walnut stain. You can use a rag if you want to, I like the brush better with cane and I’m going to paint this on the entire seagrass outdoor chair, not just the discolored parts because that way it will match up all the way around.

I like the dark walnut stain by Minwax because it seems to be every chair I’ve ever used it on, it seemed to match up well. I think that most cane is probably a dark brown color and that’s what the dark walnut is.

So this is the first step. We’re gonna let this dry for four hours. You can let it dry longer if you want to but I would go for at least four hours.

Alright, next step coming right up. Okay we’re back for the second coat. It’s actually been a couple days. The second coat is gonna cover a whole lot better and that should be all we need for this.

Okay the last step for this chair is going to be putting a clear sealer on top of the cane. You can either use a spray polyurethane spray or I’m using a Valspar project “Perfect Top Coat”. You basically want to clear coat the stain on the cane so that it doesn’t rub off. I’m just going to do a light coat over the cane. I’m covering corners because I don’t want overspray up here because it will show that there’s a shiny spray there. I’m going to let the spray get on this part of the wood. You could tape it off if you wanted to.

I did this to show you can just put a piece of paper where you don’t want your clear coat to go or you can use painters tape. Probably ideally, put painters tape all the way around but I’m just going to straight on there. I did that direction and now I’m going to go this direction. There it is.

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