14 Inspired Narrow Trestle Table Ideas for Dining Room Furniture Sets

Hardwood Trestle Table

Narrow trestle table ideas are very popular today, although in the Middle Ages they were also in high demand. They are easy to take apart or to assemble, to store or transport from one place to another.

So, trestle base tables are so appreciated today because they are ideal pieces for any occasion, when at first you need a place to sit around, and the next moment you need to free some space for dancing or for playing any game.

Narrow Trestle Table Ideas

Here are some ideas on how to complement any dining room with contemporary narrow trestle table.

  • Mitch Wise Design considers traditional interior designs best choice for this type of furniture. Place high trestle table in an open plan space, which integrates several functions. It will become a central piece in your room. Add couple hanging pendant lamps and you will get a perfect design of dining or living room.
  • Narrow trestle dining table can be chosen to be placed in stylish and cozy kitchen nook. You can try to complement it with a corner bench seating with several individual chairs.
  • Wood trestle table with leaf goes well with wooden benches. Deep River Partners demonstrated that, being placed in the large dining room, a piece with live edges can be framed on two sides by simple chairs. On the other two sides – with unique live-edge benches.
  • BCV Architects propose to complement rustic and traditional decors with trestle base tables by classical chairs and rustic chandeliers.
  • Of course the best choice is to fit them in the rustic designs. But, studio Oliver Burns proved that there may be exceptions. Sometimes, narrow trestle table can harmoniously put together rustic, modern, industrial elements in the décor.

  • Solid and robust looking high trestle table can also be complemented with lightweight looking chairs with thin sleek frames or see-through backrests. But, do not forget about the overall style in the room.
  • Sometimes perfectly balanced design is everything. ZeroEnergy created the décor where table is a piece of resistance, which is completed by lightweight and slick chairs, and with white cozy bench seating.
  • In some cases, distressed trestle table with heavy chairs and benches are making perfect sense. It is a good idea if you prefer a bit formal ambiance and décor.
  • Another way to make the benefit of the narrow trestle table with leaf is to establish symmetry in the kitchen between the cabinetry, island and the table itself. Wooden floor here will make entire décor to stand out from any other design idea.
  • Such pieces can be placed even in small dining rooms or kitchens, supposing that the design will include the right amount of color and brightness.

  • Not robust, heavy and not large narrow trestle tables will have a delicate look and will add charm and warmth to the room.
  • Sometimes little dining nooks can have an attractive look and be extremely comfortable. Cozy sofa will help you. With it you will spend pleasant moments, having meals every day.
  • Combining modern and historical elements, mixing different styles, and creating sophisticated and timeless spaces is easy when adding unique narrow trestle table. It will put together all those elements and you will definitely be surprised with the result.
  • Except using light airy furniture to complement a robust dining table, you should consider using breezy fabrics and light colors. Wall paint, rug, and even each chair has its own role in the entire design of the room.
14 Inspired Narrow Trestle Table Ideas for Dining Room Furniture Sets updated: June 8, 2021 by author: Ana White
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