Interior Design Ideas for African Themed Bedding

Using suitable patterns and fabrics is one of the popular safari themed living room ideas.

African themed bedding ideas is using wild and bold patterns. In this decoration style, it is often used animal and tribal prints to create a trendy, warm and comfortable home. If you do want to add the risk feeling to your house, then choose African and Safari elements at home. Here you will find original tips of using African style in your rooms to decorate them.

If you do not have experience in decorating the house in this original style, then start with something small. For instance, at first choose vases, pillows, figures and rugs. If you are not sure how to add this style into your home, then choose just a few pieces to start. Then buy more if you see that available elements work very well with each other.

Animal and Tribal in African Themed Bedding

Using suitable patterns and fabrics is one of the popular African interior design ideas for living rooms. Usually, you can see animal prints on fabrics such as zebra, giraffe or guepard.

Also, you may see tribal patterns realized in luxury shades such as black, golden, red, white and orange.

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In modern African home design, you can see a smart combination of animal and tribal decor. For instance, if you will decorate the entire room in zebra stripes, it will look bad and inappropriate.

It would be best to use a few design ideas and place fabrics in different parts of the space to make a nice and trendy look of african themed bedding.

African Themed Bedding: Statues and Figures

You may find one more way of adding the African style into your home, this is using carvings, masks and figures.

If you want to figure out your carving, then find the focal place for them where guest will see them very well, for example, on the table, a fireplace, a bookcase with lighting or hang them on the wall. This method will catch the audience attention to your original African collection.


Make scenery by applying dried twigs, nice grasses, drywall color etc. Put these twigs in a bowl and the nice decoration of the room is ready. You may use an interesting vase for placing the grass and put it on a coffee table.

Colors in African Themed Bedding

According to colors, African style prefers warm tones such as sand, brown, golden, white, red or green.

What Is African Themed Bedding Design Ideas?

Decorating home in Safari style means using themed accessories, furniture, patterns, colors, and fabrics. Actually, safaris and reserves for animals are in many countries, the most popular ones are situated in Africa.

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All ferocious wild animals live in Africa, and you may meet them there. Tourists can see them only from the distances. And a safari theme shows this wild but awesome picture.

African bedroom furniture with a safari theme includes soft and rich animal pelts. For instance, such animals like giraffes, guepards, zebras.

Your house can be decorated large and beautiful accessories such as ivory figures of elephant tusks or rhino horns. Of course, they are not real, because it is illegal. You may use many elements such as tribal elements and art to make the general look.

Do not forget about the typical features of african themed bedding style:

  1. Colors of African Savannah.
  2. Using natural lighting.
  3. Original African furniture design with wood, rich black and brown leather.
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