10 Helpful Custom Shoe Storage Cabinet Ideas For Living Room

Crown Molding Shoe Rack

When it becomes warmer, every person wants to forget about the winter and it’s time for cleaning winter shoes and put it into custom shoe storage cabinet. After the work is done and every cranny and nook in your home was cleaned and straightened and dusted, often there is still one problem that frustrates each and everyone.

Even when the person lives alone, shoes might be everywhere, from the front door to the bedroom. So, if you want your home to be really clean, now you need to think about custom shoe storage cabinets. Here are 10 ideas one of which might help you to keep your shoes under control.

Several Ideas of Custom Shoe Storage Cabinet

  1. Really smart solution for upright shoe storage in a small place is a ladder. Use it to hang your heels or attach S hooks to hang flats. If you already have an open closet in the room, such storage will become a great addition to it.
  2. Love DIY projects? Take some wood, several screws and a paint and immediately make a rectangular shoe holder. Screw it to the wall near the front door and very soon you will see how convenient it is.
  3. Living in a big family means a lot of boots, sneakers and flats to store. Shelves for shoes on wall made from several sets of pallets and installed in a mudroom is really great solution.

  4. Bench in a small mudroom which doubles as a custom shoe storage cabinet is the best idea for small spaces.
  5. If you want a unique shoe shelf, wall in the mudroom can become a piece of art. Use PVC pipe and cut as many circles as you need. Then make a tower from them on your wall.
  6. Add rustic look to the room and at the same time organize a storage for your footwear with the help of wooden crates. Stack them, color them and stain them however you like and whatever will be the best fit for your interior.
  7. IKEA shelves are best for storage those shoes that are too gorgeous to be stashed in a dark corner.

  8. Pick the most suitable size and pattern of crown moldings that will suit the décor and put them to the wall. Now you may hang there you favorite heels.
  9. Build a custom shoe storage cabinet with small spaces if you need to storage too many pairs of footwear that do not need much place.
  10. Isn’t it great idea to stack boots in boxes on shelves than without? But before putting your footwear in those boxes and stacking them on shelves, make sure to make photos of every pair and attach them to appropriate box. Otherwise, you will have to spend precious minutes while searching the needed pair.
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10 Helpful Custom Shoe Storage Cabinet Ideas For Living Room updated: June 9, 2021 by author: Ana White

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