8 Colorful Classic Wood Furniture Design Ideas for Your Living Room

Cowrie Chair

Contemporary classic wood furniture designers constantly set new hot trends with their unbelievable creations. They make innovations and add functionality to classic wood furniture each time in new ways.

They make pieces of furniture to become an accent piece in any room mixing different materials, changing forms, using eye-catching colors. Here are several examples of the most unbelievable creations of modern furniture designers. No doubt, you will be impressed.

Several Examples of Classic Wood Furniture Design

  • Berço is a rocking chair complemented by a soft cushion. It is hard to say whether this handmade piece is a semicircle sofa or a latest classic wood furniture design of rocking chair.
  • Lozy is a company that creates classic wood furniture pieces exceptionally with sort curves and delicate edges. Their innovative designs however are always accompanied by classical characteristics and functionality.
  • The Diago chair, presented by TABANDA plywood design, was inspired by Japanese influences and origami. This is a folding chair that when paired with different textures and colors, show its real beauty and uniqueness.
  • DYNKS – modular shelf that corresponds to classic wood furniture plans and that will never let you become bored with it. The concept was created flexible design that gives the possibility to explore endless number of designs. These shelves can be easily rearranged and reorganized the way you like.

  • Chairs & More presented a new version of classic chair design known as Tulip. It still has linear and simple style but its legs are made of natural ash and have rounded ends. The seat of soft polyurethane is finished with fire retardant. This piece of American classic wood furniture goes in two different sizes which give the opportunity to arrange custom seating spaces.
  • Created by Simon Legald, Sumo Pouf is both simple and extremely expressive piece. The simple design of the pouf highlights little details like a cheerful and playful look of buttons on the fabric upholstery along with wooden frame and visible small feet.
  • Bloom – chair which creation was inspired by nature is a great example of refreshing organic forms that attract modern designers so much. Its shape and look resembles tender garden flower. It has steel base and a fiberglass top upholstered with numerous stitches.

  • Perfect example of reused classic wood furniture is the Favela chair. Concept’s main material is wood, actually, hundreds of small wood strips. If you want it to be outdoor piece, you should choose the one made of teak, for indoor chairs pine wood is used. The chair has no internal frame – all strips are randomly nailed to each other. The fact that this chair is handmade means that there is no same one in the world.
  • Minimalistic wood coffee table having two mini shelves becomes pretty multifunctional piece. Thus you may keep books, magazines and many other things on these sleek shelves. This example will be a perfect fit for contemporary designed living rooms.
8 Colorful Classic Wood Furniture Design Ideas for Your Living Room updated: June 9, 2021 by author: Ana White
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