5 Charming Cream Living Room Ideas For Your Apartment

Choose olive green and cream bedroom for your home.

Cream color furniture is versatile and differ from smooth gray or harsh white. Cream living room ideas look calm but trendy. It’s modern but relaxed. It’s chic but complicated. In a cream room, you can relax and get impressed at the same time.

The decoration process depends only on your desire to create something original for your space because this color works differently in different rooms and interiors. Get an inspiration from following ideas.

Few Excellent Cream Living Room Ideas

  1. Rustic and clean cream color furniture is perfect in open spaces. Choose one of the cream living room ideas for your home or upgrade the breakfast nook. For example, the camel wooden differs on cream walls by applying a rustic and natural palette. This décor does not look too feminine but could look like cozy shabby chic. Add a vase of fresh flowers in needed colors and create the trendy and homey house.
  2. Eclectic and comfortable shades of cream are the perfect base for any room. A bedroom and living room fit perfectly with this style. Buy just a few eclectic details or patterns, for example, pay attention to cream living room ideas. Thus you will get the perfect room chic and comfortable. You will love such rich shades that look beautiful in a combination with the white wooden floor. This will add the uniqueness and elegant touch to the room.
  3. Rich and chic grey and cream color furniture can help in creating a bright interior. Think about it. This can help to make a beautiful and rich ambiance even in a bathroom. Add a trendy chandelier to give the light to the space, a stand along tub, original rug realized in light tone and the magic of the home will come.
  4. Soft and sweet cream living room ideas fit also hallways and foyers. These spaces will look richer and softer with such a tone. You won’t need any accessories or pictures on the walls because the texture and color will make space beautiful and warm. This shade will open the walkways and give the depth and size of space. Of course, you may add some details, but it will look clean without anything.
  5. Feminine and free cream color furniture is versatile and it is easy to set it anywhere in the room. Besides, this tone is a perfect foundation. This will add the airy and light touch to any room of your house, even if you choose tones of pink, purple and even yellow for your interior. Especially floral and delicate patterns work amazingly with this base.

Beautiful Cream Living Room Ideas

Here you will find a beautiful image compilation of new modern cream apartments and condominiums. You can also find many creative decorating and designing cream living room ideas that can inspire you to decorate your own living space. For example, you can see a brand-new apartment with cream walls and modern open plan layout. Modern condominium with cream walls and gorgeous wooden floor throughout.

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Fabulous apartment with bright interior; floor-to-ceiling windows and hardwood floor throughout. Superb design cream living room idea. So spacious and elegant. Elegant and stylish master cream color bedroom with large queen size bed and charming seating area. Large and spacious cream living room with an exquisite look. Notice the fabulous TV wall idea. Modern open plan layout that brings together a large cream luxury kitchen, a beautiful living, and an elegant white and cream dining room. Magnificent white and cream ceramic flooring throughout.

Medium-size Apartment with Elegant and Modern Cream Design

Small, compact but beautiful apartment design stylishly furnished and decorated. Superb cream living room design with modern sofas facing each other. Large and modern white and cream living/dining combination. Large windows and beautiful hardwood flooring. Elegant Scandinavian-inspired style apartment design. Brand-new condo design in a light gray, cream, and white color palette.

Despite its small size this cream living room design is modern, stylish, and elegant. Lovely interior in beige, white and dark brown. Charming cream color bedroom in white with a small working station. Elegant design in cream, white, and green with gorgeous hardwood floor. Stylish and elegant cream condominium design.

Also you will find ones of the best modern condo design ideas for this year gathered here into an amazing image selection. You can see a gorgeous cream living room stylishly decorated and furnished. Quite large condominium with bright and spacious open space concept. Spectacular penthouse apartment cream living room ideas with glass wall and magnificent view. Small apartment decor with cream walls, light floor and beautifully furnished and decorated. Elegant condo cream living room in a beautiful designer color palette.

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Small and Compact Cream Living Room with High-ceiling and Elegant Design

Large condominium open space with light blue ceiling, recessed lights, large windows, and magnificent fireplace. Brand-new cream condo in a Scandinavian-minimalist style design.

Brand-new condominium with an elegant and traditional look. Another modern cream apartment with a Scandinavian-inspired style design. Beautiful apartment design with modern and stylish furniture and decorative accessories. Bright condo open cream spaces with large floor-to-ceiling windows and engineered hardwood flooring wall-to-wall. Spectacular penthouse apartment with an exquisite look.

Contemporary condominium design idea. Beautiful modern condo decor in white, gray, and cream color accent. Large and spacious modern cream studio apartment. Fabulous condo cream living room with huge glass walls and large opening to a balcony-terrace. Brand-new condo in beige, cream and gray color palette, and raw concrete ceiling. Superb condo design in gray and cream hues. Modern and spacious condominium with spectacular view.

How to Finish Painted Furniture with Metallic Cream, Wax or Glaze for Cream Living Room Ideas

I always have customers wondering what the differences are between the finishes of some of our products; for instance what makes gold wax different from our gold metallic cream, Pocket Watch? What is the color of antiquing wax like compared to glaze? Today I’m going to show you a few examples so that you can decide which products will help you achieve the look you’re going for!

Gold Wax sv Pocket Watch Metallic Cream

First up is a comparison between gold wax and Pocket Watch metallic cream. Both are gold in color but they’re applied differently and they have quite different looks Gold wax will give you a more subtle sheen and just a hint of warmth, whereas Pocket Watch is quite a vibrant, sparkly gold. I’m going to apply the gold wax to board that was painted with Vanilla Frosting using one of our Country Chic Paint wax brushes. After applying it I will buff it with a lint-free rag so it stays behind in the crevices.

As I’m buffing it, it dries to a beautiful, subtle sheen. Now I’ll apply Pocket Watch to the board so you can really see the difference. I’m going to use a paint brush to apply this but you can also use a lint-free cloth or a foam brush if you prefer. You can really see the difference in looks between the gold wax and Pocket Watch metallic cream. Pocket Watch is much more bold than the gold wax. All of our metallic creams can be wiped in thin layers for a more subtle look, or they can be applied as a solid coat. They dry to a hard, durable finish that you can either seal with wax or Tough Coat if you’d like to add an extra protective layer.

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Pearl Wax vs Silver Bullet Metallic Cream

Next I’d like to compare Pearl Wax with Silver Bullet metallic cream. I’m applying the pearl wax with a wax brush and buffing it with a lint-free rag. You’ll notice the effect more on a darker project piece. The Silver Bullet metallic cream is applied with a brush. If you’d like you can use a cloth to wipe away the excess but I’m just going to leave it. Can you see the difference in the finishes? One has a way more subtle sheen while the other gives a bit more opaque coverage.

Glazes vs Antiquing Wax

Finally, I’d like to show you the different finishes you can create with glazes and antiquing wax. Both serve a similar purpose; to add depth and age to your piece, but they do have slightly different finishes and application techniques. I’m going to apply two brown glazes – Smoky Quartz and Tiger’s Eye. I will also apply antiquing wax to these Vanilla Frosting boards to show you the differences.

All of glazes will dry to an almost completely matte finish but the wax has a bit more of a sheen to it and it acts as a protective coating. If you use a glaze on your piece you may want to seal it with natural wax for added protection or Tough Coat if it is a high-traffic piece such as a table top or a cabinet door. I’m applying Tiger’s Eye glaze to sample board. This is a warm, brown tone.

Next I’ll wipe away the excess glaze with a lint-free rag to leave it behind in all the crevices. On this sample board I’m applying Smoky Quartz glaze. This is a cooler brown color. Again I’m using a lint-free cloth to wipe away the excess. These sample boards are finished with Tiger’s Eye, Smoky Quartz, and antiquing wax. As you can see all three are quite different. I hope this helps you choose which products will be best for your next project.

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