15 Fascinating Plain Wood Bed Frame Ideas for Your Bedroom

Pine Beds With Storage

Plain wood bed frame is the most used and great furniture pieces in any home. Because average the person spends there at least one third of the life by relaxing, sleeping or dreaming. This is the first you observe when you get up and the last you see in the evening. So, this piece of the furniture must be comfortable and have a good influence on your mood or wellbeing. But, probably you do not know it is easy to build the dream plain wood bed frame only having little money and imagination. If you are able to try this, then start.

Kinds of Plain Wood Bed Frame

  1. How to make loft bed. If you have loft styled room and free space under the ceiling then probably you have many ideas how to organize this space. Have you ever thought to use this space as sleeping area? The first step, make sure that this place is enough stable and then add a mattress there, a sheet, a blanket and few beautiful and cozy pillows and enjoy the great dreams. Attention, do not forget to set up a ladder. By the way, kids will like these good cheap beds for sure. If you do want to realize this then find out the tutorial about loft piece building. Read the book carefully and follow all steps correctly, this is very important in making safe construction.
  1. How to build hammock cheap affordable beds. The very popular opinion that hammock bed is a dream one. This is very comfortable and easy to build, so this space will become the main attraction of any house. Before starting take a look at the space and think where it is the better place for hanging it. You must have 4 support hooks, 2 studs or beams that are needed for holding the hammock couch. Before drilling the holes make sure that the hammock does not move the ground. After all these manipulations you will need only to drill holes and fix hooks, then hang the piece and enjoy the result.
  1. What is sunken couch? If you have never had an experience sleeping in sunken bed, hurry to correct it. All you need is just a custom made a hole in the floor and a mattress, with of course a sheet, blankets and pillows. Maybe you are the man who prefers to sit on the floor, you will be glad to have such a nice and comfortable couch with plain wood bed frame.

  1. Building the pallet bed. Pallet couches are the new tendency in furniture making because of their easy assembling, moving and customizing, besides you won’t carry out a fortune for them. Depending on your decision of fixing these pallets you may create interesting storage place for books and magazines saving. For building the great unique plain wood bed frames you will need 4 identical pallets, bolts with washers and nuts, hurricane straps, screws, and paint. The sheet of hardboard could make the better look of the piece, just fix it with adhesive.
  1. Have you ever seen metal pipe bed? Decorate your bedroom with pretty nice and cool metal pipe couch but made by yourself. It is easy to build and everybody could make it. In internet there are many instructions and detailed photos.
  1. What is cinder block couch? It could happen that you need one more platform for the sleeping area, but you have no enough money to buy the new one. But if you have some cinder blocks near your house, then you have not any problems. Build a room in minimalistic style by applying such blocks and plain wood bed frame that will support the mattress. It could be not very comfortable but it is just for a while.
  1. How to create wood platform with storage. If you live in small apartment you know how storage spaces are important and useful. Few drawers under the pine plain wood bed frames are very useful for putting sheets and blankets. Probably it could be difficult to build such a kind of a bed but it is possible. There are many examples in magazines and internet.

  1. How to build floating bed. This is the great feeling when you are floating in your bed, if you still did not have it – change the bed. Floating bed is great! Besides, it is funny and won’t take long time to be done. If you are ready to create little magic, start with such a kind of a bed.
  1. Do you like hanging couch? Probably, it is one of the easiest beds to be building. For creating you will need ropes or chains, well made ceiling, plain wood bed frame, a mattress, pillows and it is enough. The information about hammock bed will help you in building.
  1. Have you ever seen books bed? Yes, you are not mistaken. In fact it is some new for us. A bed made from books look like you sleep on your knowledge and it is very original idea. Why did not you think about plain wood bed frame before?
  1. Try a simple mattress. From time to time, all you need after the hard working day is just a mattress. Actually, the bed could be called comfortable mainly because of used mattress. So, you do not need a plain wood bed frame as a base, but an interesting room with original design that will fit for this simple idea. One of the best options for this the industrial design could be. Remember, your health can depend on used type of the mattress, so choose this thing carefully and ask a specialist if it is necessary.

How to Build an Amazing Platform Rustic Wood Bed Frame

We’re bringing you guys another DIY tutorial! This time a custom platform rustic wood bed frame. This was done solely in apartment complex as a reference for you guys, and it was done over the course of a weekend. So, you’ll see that outfit does change throughout the process. But, what we really wanted to do is bring some light to this process, and we wanted to show that you guys can actually build these projects.

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It doesn’t matter what your resources are, where you live, or if you have a woodshop at your disposal all of this is definitely doable. We begin this project by identifying all the cuts we’ll need to make. To do so we measure out the exact lengths and mark the boards accordingly. For your reference we built this bed for a full sized mattress which we purchased from Tuft & Needle.

We won’t be supplying you with any of the measurements because we built this to suit that specific mattress. Many rustic bed frames are different, and we suggest that you build your wooden bed frame to match the mattress you choose for it. To find the dimensions that we needed for the bed we measured the mattress length and width, and then subtracted a half an inch from each side; an inch from the length and an inch from the width.

Therefore, guaranteeing us that when we set the wooden bed frame up none of the slats would be visible underneath the mattress. Since we’re going to be building this project in apartment complex we went ahead and went up to the roof deck of the apartment complexes parking garage, taking all the boards with us and making all of our major cuts up there.

We begin by cutting all the boards to length as we had marked them out earlier in the day. So, for our primary platform we chose to use cedar. This wood already came rough cut from Home Depot, and it was the aesthetic that we wanted to achieve. We wanted to have some kind of a mix between a modern and a rustic look. You’ll see here that we were cutting both ends of the boards. This was due to splitting and cracking on most of the lumber that we had picked up. Because we want to have a structural connection at the ends of the boards, we eliminated this splitting and cracking, so as to reduce or eliminate any potential problems with the structure of the wooden bed frame.

Once all of the board’s had been cut to length, except for the top and bottom pieces of the primary platform. We mocked them up, and verified our measurements for the top and bottom, so that we can double check and verify that our initial measurements were correct. Once we had done this, we went ahead and made those final cuts. Once all of the board’s had been completely finished, and cut we mocked it up once more to verify that all the measurements were correct. At this point we used our one inch diameter paddle bit, and begin to countersink holes for our lag bolts.

It was about this time that our battery ran out, so we went ahead and loaded the lumber back up to take back down into the apartment. Like the good neighbors we are, we swept up and cleaned up our workspace. Once back inside the apartment we went ahead and continued to create the countersink holes for our lag bolts. This time utilizing our corded power drill to get a little more power, and make the process faster.

Once all the countersinks have been completed we switch to a regular drill bit that was also long enough to penetrate through the board and small enough in diameter that it is no larger than the inside of any of the threads on the lag bolts we chose to use. Once everything had been drilled out we went ahead and set our bolts in and began to drive the two pieces together. As you can see here, all we had to do was thread the bolts into the countersink, and by utilizing a one-inch diameter paddle bit it allows us to use a standard socket head with a deep well attachment to drive those two boards together.

Once we achieved a strong connection for the primary rustic wood bed frame we went ahead and did the exact same thing for our secondary platform. Instead of utilizing two lag bolts we decided to utilize one at each corner. Once the platform’s have been created and secured together we used wood glue. Running a bead around the underside of the primary rustic wood bed frame and then laying the secondary platform on top of that. Once we get it down we wanted to make sure that we were squared up before the glue started to set.

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Initially countersinking all the holes so that the head of the screw sits below the board, and then falling it up with the screw itself. Once we finish running screws all the way around the rustic wood bed frame connecting those two frames together it was time to install the hairpin legs. Now these legs we chose from Rockler Woodworking it’s a national chain, and they sell a lot of different types of legs. These just happen to be an aesthetic we were trying to achieve. They had them, so we went with them. This is their largest style leg made for coffee tables, end tables, and the like. They do make much smaller legs I think there’s three different lengths available in store.

Once we were ready to install the legs all we had to do was mark out where we wanted them to sit on the piece, and use the included screws to fasten them in. At that point the rustic wood bed frame had been completed, so we went back up to the roof deck after having measured the width of the wood bed frame, and began to cut our slats out of two by fours. Once we finished cutting the slats we went back down into the apartment. Sanding with 80 grit sandpaper the frame of the bed. We want to have that rustic look but we want to make sure we’re pulling off any burrs or splinters.

Once we finish that we went ahead and countersunk on each end of the slats. Because we’re going to be screwing those slats, and we want to make sure the head of the screw is below the slat. Once that was done we sanded down all the bed slats as well, so as to prevent any extra burrs or splinters that may come from them as well. At this point we relocated the wood bed frame into the bedroom, and began laying out the slats. Utilizing 2 inch screws we secured the slats to the rustic wood bed frame. In doing so creating a little extra structure, and made the bed much more rigid than it had been before. We went ahead and grabbed our top Tuft & Needle mattress.

Threw it on, and gave the bed a test. As you can see here we definitely achieved our floating platform look. It’s high, that was what we were trying to achieve, and it holds the weight of a person! Once we verified that it can hold some weight we moved on to building the headboard for the bed. To create this headboard we use the same cedar that we had used for the rest of the bed to pull that aesthetic across. In creating the connections between the horizontal and vertical members we pre-drilled, and countersunk for more lag bolts 2 on either side. Not so much needed structurally, but definitely created aesthetically so as to match the rest of the piece.

As we did this we fit our two foot-by-four piece of plywood that centers our headboard, so as to make sure that all of our edges lined up properly. Once we fit our lag bolts in, and our piece was fairly secured. We lined up the centerpiece of the headboard about an inch off the face of the cedar board so that it gives us some relief, and a little bit more character. To secure the plywood to the cedar we utilized screws, countersinking each of them, and verified that we were screwing into the center of the plywood, so as to not create a penetration of the screw in either the front or the back of the headboard. We wanted to achieve a clean aesthetic.

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Once the headboard had been completely constructed, and secured it was time to attach it to the rest of the rustic wood bed frame. To attach the headboard to the platform of our bed we again pre-drilled for three fasteners. One lag bolt on either side going from the platform into the vertical members of our headboard, and two 3-inch screws that are really going to help pull everything together. Once we had our headboard and our platform assembled we move the bed to where we wanted it in the room.

After we got the bed exactly where we wanted it in the room we used the boxspring cover that came with the bedspread set that we purchased for this bed, and covered all the slats to give our mattress another layer of protection from any possible burrs or splinters that may cause damage to the mattress itself. With that, we went ahead and put the mattress back on the bed, and we were done! There you have it! An easy project to do, and super simple.

DIY Rustic Wood Bed Frame Build

We’re going to show you how we turned 2×6 and sheet of wood into sleek, modern low profile rustic bed frame. Let’s get started. So the majority of rustic bed frame will be made up of this sheet of wood. We’ll be using it to cut 3 vertical supports that will act as the legs and then also 10 slats that’ll actually hold the mattress itself.

When it comes to making length cuts, we use an 8 foot baseboard to guide circular saw because we know the edge is perfectly straight. We’re making a 6 inch cut and we need to account for the 1 1/4 inch gap between the straight edge and the blade which is why we’re measuring at 7 1/4 inches. The remaining wood ended up being 77 3/4 inches long by 48 inches wide.

We made 10 cuts at 4 inches wide and these pieces will be the slats, took the vertical supports that’ll become the legs and trimmed them down to length. We also trimmed down the 2×6 which will encase the legs and serve as extra support and decoration. Next, moved to table saw and basically turned the 2×6’s into 2×2’s. To attach the slats to the legs, we had to make 2 inch half laps.

This process was very tedious and we thought that we could save time by making all of the necessary cuts simultaneously. This didn’t work out so we had to cut each slot into each piece individually. The slats were too long to go onto the table saw, so we decided that we would make multiple relief cuts using circular saw. Cutting with circular saw wasn’t perfect, so we had to clean up cuts using a chisel.

After all of our half laps were cut, we wanted to do a dry fitting to make sure that all of pieces fit. It was important to us that this rustic bed frame was easy to assemble and disassemble since we will be taking it with us to College Station in about a month. This is also the part of the build where you can start to see why we’re calling it the Pergola rustic wood bed frame. The wood supports needed to fit into the 2×2’s so we made a 5/8 inch dado to hold them.

The side pieces needed to have their dados squared off, so we got a forstner bit and drilled out the excess and cleaned it up with a chisel. The next step was assembling the supports and the 2×2’s. For the top, we wanted to add a little design idea that we got from Chris Salomone. We got a 1/2 inch dowel to cover up the screw holes and then used a flush trim saw to make sure that they didn’t stand out.

We sanded the dowels for good measure and then taped off the bases for paint. Didn’t need a whole lot, so we just got a sample of Ocean Abyss in Behr Marquee flat. While the paint dried, we cut the corners off the bottoms of the slats. This is another design aspect for mostly aesthetic, but it’s also so we don’t murder ankles while we walk around at night.

There was also some ink left over by the manufacturer, so we took about a blade’s width of material off of the ends. We added 2 coats of Varathane’s satin water-based polyurethane to protect the paint, and the rustic bed frame was officially done. So that wraps up this project.

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