15 Gripping Summer Living Room Decor Ideas for Interior Design

Small Decorative Plants For Living Room

Summer is nice and sunny season. And most people do not have too much time to do the entire decorating overhaul but there are some things you can do to change your space according to seasons. There are 15 original and stylish summer living room decor ideas in this article concerning decoration the living room, so it will be transformed in the summer. After this your living room will be good for summer rest for you and all your family and friends.

Popular Summer Living Room Decor Ideas

Nice, fresh furniture slipcovers

Summer is lightening season, it is full of sunshine, fresh air and so on. Summer living room decor furniture reflects this energy and moves you from the room into summer time. You do not need to change dark pieces, just consider slipcovers for large furniture like sofas or chairs. Even if you will drape the dark table by light tablecloth it must work.

Use rounded silhouettes

Replace hard angles where it is possible to do for softened and rounded ones. For instance, a square coffee table could be replaced by ottoman pouf, this method will bring beachy and casual atmosphere into the living room. So, it is better to choose light-colored pouf.

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Add prominent plant life to Summer Living Room Decor

This emphasis could be great realized on the outdoors, thus warmer weather could back it up; it only has a sense to transform such concept into a living room and this space will become a summer. Take any plant you like and put it into the interior design in living room. But if you have some troubles, choose the one with light, airy feel in leaves and fronds.

Choose colorful plant pots

Just bright and shiny plant pot could honestly say “summer”. So, it is a mistake to leave them on front porch. Put them inside and decorate your living room with beautiful plants and pots for a summer living room decor. Do not forget to place them in some place where plants will get a lot of natural light.

Bring outdoor furniture indoor

Probably, you have already furniture in patio or deck used outdoor. But maybe you have a piece you do like, for instance a low profile teak-esque coffee table or some wicker rocker. Think carefully to bring it into a living room from outdoor for giving the home a breath of summertime air. Such unexpected placement of this kind of furniture will look fun, casual and interesting.

Leave a plenty of blank space in Summer Living Room Decor

While winter, we have loads of throws and pillows and added tables for lamps and other things that make the room cozy and inviting. Bur for summer a lightened up feeling is much more preferred. Without damage for a comfort, remove some extra furniture and décor that could weight your room down. Consider some extra storage for pillows keeping or unnecessary end table for a while.

Use geometric pattern

In summer school goes for a vacation, so you do not need to do geometry homework anymore, but your summer living room decor could use great geometric pattern and stylish print. It may be something simple such as a pillow or beautiful artwork, or buy new room rug to a living room, or sectional sofa with nice geometric pattern. Anyway, bright vibrant look will give a lot of fun during the summer season.

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Apply geometric furniture for Summer Living Room Decor

If you have really great feelings of summer design in your home and living room as well then you could be brave and choose bold geometric pieces of furniture. For example, wooden teak chairs look particularly summery, besides they are neutral and work interesting in contemporary styled living room or more traditional interior, or some middle style.

Add quirky artwork to Summer Living Room Decor

Some artwork that tells about the lighthearted nature could make the interior of a living room much interesting and beautiful. For instance, you can take a portrait that is possibly to enhance with a bright paint or find something interesting at a local thrift shop or flea market. Make a spot of the paint on the picture and let it to run. Then hang an art with a pride.

Take care about reflective surfaces

The additional natural light will look more attractive if you will take care about more reflective surfaces in your living room. Mirrors, glasses, metallic objects, furniture and wall art could bounce light around pieces.

Remember about bright colors

Actually, it does not have to be dramatic or permanent, so you must not repaint your walls in vibrant color, but it is possibly to be done. Do not forget, that the summer needs some bright colors in some things even in a summer living room decor. Find out few colorful throw pillow covers for a season, you do not need too much space for storage in winter season, but they have a big sense during summer months for sure.

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Choose natural fibers for Summer Living Room Decor

Summer is a season that is completely focused on nature, so the best textile for summer time is natural fibers. The most popular positions are occupied by cotton, linen and jute. Wool is also great but it is more suitable for cold seasons. Start with one or two textiles – a pillow, a throw, a slipcover, a rug – these are very nice places to start.

Choose textural statement pieces

Summer is mostly associated with a beach – sand, sea, palm trees and so on. All these things are often used in decoration and give a specific coastal vibe to the interior. Of course, you do not need to cover your room by basketry and sea paper umbrella tchotchkes, just choose single statement piece that will fit in your summery texture.

Add few unique wovens

Woven furnishings in the summer living room decor are a great seasonal idea that gives a summery lean. This woven lounge has a comfortable look in white, modern, Scandinavian style living room.

Add beachy details in Summer Living Room Decor

Of course, it is easy to bring a coffee table with sea stars or place a piece of driftwood near the mantel. But the lover of beach style will choose woven stoles that remind the flip flops, boating paraphernalia or slack line. These fun and colorful items will give a smile to everybody who will stay at your living room.

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