10 Tips for Magical Bohemian Chic Interior Design

Simple Bohemian Decor

Fun, trendy and relaxed – these words describe Bohemian chic Interior style. If you feel these words describe you as well, then use Bohemian style for your interior.

What Should You Know about Bohemian Chic Interior Style?

At first, this style has appeared as a fashion trend for clothes. And later it transformed into interior design market and bohemian chic interior design was born.

This manner was extremely successful during the pre-Raphaelite period and music festivals in the ‘hippie’ era that was popular in the 1960s and 1970s.

Boho is not a fashion trend anymore, it grows and develops as a bohemian decoration style, and more persons want to transform their houses into calm and positive zones.

Do you really want to change your life with Bohemian manner?

1. Carefree, Calm and Positive

Boho style in domestic décor must show carefree, calm and positive ambiance. People find the inspiration in North Africa and Far Eastern and add their houses cushions for floor and small dining tables.

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Of course, for the classy dining room, it is not the most functional decision, but it can make a positive informal ambiance.

For creating modern bohemian interior design add many cushions that differ by sizes, designs, and materials and place them near coffee tables with different tableware.

Remember, you must have a lot of colors because they give fun and deepness to your interior.

2. Leave the Décor Weird

If you move into an old house or the apartment where the owner had many eclectic and strange items, use them to create eye-catching features.

Original doors, interesting features of the house, strange furniture are the elements of boho manner décor that you can keep and use in your interior.

This style must look simple in the room, and the most effortless thing is working with available items but not to rework the new ones.

Don’t look for already prepared sets, it would be better to choose some original items that look unusual and don’t worry about the color and material and the way they will fit another décor in the room.

If you worry about colors, then choose colors situated on the opposite in the color scheme and allow them to have a conflict.

3. Moroccan Touch

What do you think about using Moroccan motifs in classy Bohemian manner?

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In Moroccan styled homes, you will meet expensive and colorful furnishings, rude and smooth materials, a mix of unusual details. Their homes look exotic and easy to have fun with family and guests.

4. Material in Bohemian Chic Interior

The bohemian chic living room is impossible to imagine without materials and specific texture. The variety of them is in the priority. More textures mean real bohemian feel.

Use leather, fur, natural wood, brassy, stone, fabric, glass create the gorgeous contrast of textures that make the space more interesting and deep.

When you buy the soft pieces of furniture pay attention to drapes and choose the bright prints and avoid simple and boring design or geometric motifs. Paisley and similar patterns look amazing together and are easy to be bought.

5. Tie-Dyed Textile

Lovers of Bohemian manner like colorful textile. Tie-dyed prints add the dramatic touch to any piece of furniture.

6. Colors Used in Bohemian Chic Interior

Add colors and perform with them making own prints. Try all the colors you like. Even more, you may create different patterns to different rooms of your home.

Cover your floor with colorful bohem rugs. You should not be picky. Boho style loves textures and colors.

7. Nature Is Important in Bohemian Chic Interior

Let nature to live at your home. Boho likes nature, thus there is more plants and flowers than pieces of furniture. Buy large plants in pots and place them behind the furniture. Also, you can hang little pots with plants on the banister or place them on the coffee table.

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8. Pieces of Furniture in Bohemian Chic Interior

If you decorate a boho style living room then find quilted materials to cover your sofas and armchairs. Choose bright and cozy ottomans. Do not buy only the one, two is good.

Do you remember about many rugs on the floor? Add many pillows there to give the additional places for sitting.

9. Lighting in Bohemian Chic Interior Style

Buy different lanterns realized in various shapes and materials. Place them everywhere you want such as on the corner, near the fireplace etc.

10. Beads in Bohemian Chic Interior

Boho manner loves a lot of hanging beads; you may see even the beaded curtains that are often used to separate the space.

So, as you see the Bohemian decoration style includes a lot of fantastic and informal items and pieces to be used in the interior. You have a great choice if you have really decided to decorate your home in this positive and relaxing décor style.

10 Tips for Magical Bohemian Chic Interior Design updated: May 4, 2021 by author: Ana White

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