Decorative Wooden Wall Shelves: 10 Dazzling Ideas for Room Interior

The triangle shaped bookshelf with a quirky contemporary twist has a name the Flip Shelf.

The only one piece of furniture you can put in any space – big or small, formal or casual – is a wall shelf. Decorative wooden wall shelves are very versatile from spatial and stylistic view as well, but also because they are useful in various ways. In many cases they have double functions as sculptures and decorations.

This article will show such versatility in the best way. They are demonstrated as geometric boards with nice forms to sleek, simple decorative wooden wall shelves and solid variants that have bigger size than tables and desks.

Decorative Wooden Wall Shelves in Modern Interior Ideas

  1. First, pay attention on Raw Triangle one system that can be shown and used in different ways. The unit consists of few modules where each piece looks like a triangle. Depending on a location of these triangles they can serve as magazine racks, bookshelves, storage compartments for things and accessories or showing ornaments and so on. These modules could have three types – a small model, two medium variants, one with open front and one model with open side. You can combine them whatever you want.
  2. Some models of boards have few additional functions or accessories. Thus Lampe Gras is nice combination of a shelf and a lamp. So it could serve functions that other ones could not do. Put it in your bedroom as a nightstand or in some other room and use like small side table. It may be placed also on entrance hallways, kitchens, dining rooms where it could be a mini counter or as a bar. This board may be easily putted in any place where the wall socket is. Besides it could be combined with other pieces and make an accent.
  3. The model of the board – Tuile – has the defining characteristic – versatility. It is created from wood for building decorative wooden wall shelves with natural colors, has simple but elegant design with curved shape and two hooks that are discreet and allow attaching it to the wall. You can use it a bedrooms nightstand or display board for installing in a living room or other parts of the house. These decorative wooden wall shelves are available in two sizes which could be combined for creating bigger display surface and interesting and original shelving system.

  4. The bookshelf with a quirky contemporary twist has a name the Flip Shelf. Thus every decorative wooden wall shelves consist of two sections – the top and the bottom. These two parts you can combine to creating the perfect height for books which will be storing in shelving wood units. Wood is a material for top, for instance oak or walnut, and the bottom is made from powder-coated metal. Play with such interesting two-colored boards to make interesting systems or units.
  5. When it concerns simple variants most people imagine mostly a wall-mounted console table or a desk. These variants differ from your usual wall board that is used often as a display area to installing a vase or few books. They are more robust and bigger as well. For instance, solid wood long black shelf looks stylish especially with lighting accent that could highlight the form.
  6. Most contemporary decorative wooden wall shelves do double function, and serve as functional furniture pieces and decorations for rooms. For example, there are eye-catching and interesting geometric boards with great practical functions. Rounded forms will fit perfectly in bedrooms and keep pleasant and welcoming atmosphere and décor in the interior.
    Designs with multifunctional features are popular nowadays, but this construction applies to everything – coffee tables, chairs, and small decorative wooden wall shelves. Such variants fit ideal to entryways, kitchens, and bathrooms. They have not too much surface for storage or illustrations; include hooks that are easy used for things such as jackets, hand towels and so on.

  7. Modularity, flexibility and aesthetics are important for wooden box wall shelves. Concerning wall boards such characteristics are desirable, especially if you do want to customize or modify a decoration and configuration of your furniture placement. Series of individual boards are the good variant that could be combined and matched in many different ways.
  8. Style is always important while decorating the space, and very often little things help to create unique atmosphere and a type of ambiance. If you want to decorate your room in inviting and comfortable elegance, then choose the correct shelf, for instance a combination of wood and leather.
  9. Various types of these pieces may be used for different ways of activities and items. Thus if you want to decorate walls in your house with plates and different similar things, pay attention on long and narrow decorative wooden wall shelves with raised edges that can prevent items from slipping or falling down.
  10. Big things such as vases, framed pictures, sculptures and others there is needed different type of boards. They should differ by large base, and it would be great to have raised side panels that frame items and make the protection. Also it is good to use two or more various colors.
Decorative Wooden Wall Shelves: 10 Dazzling Ideas for Room Interior updated: June 10, 2021 by author: Ana White
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