9 Magical Ideas of Modern TV Cabinet Designs for Living Room

One of the most practical options is using modern TV cabinet designs as an interesting dark brown TV unit.

There are many modern TV cabinet designs that using a stand. It is not only a tradition but also serving two purposes – practical and aesthetic. Many interesting ideas you can find in popular stores such as IKEA and so on. It concerns the stands you can easy make yourself with applying needed pieces of furniture. There are few examples of it.

Modern TV Cabinet Designs With Storage Cabinets

  1. For instance popular bookshelf named as Expedit has versatile and stylish modern TV cabinet design. This model is made from wooden pallets and is good-looking, somewhat rustic TV stand with LED lights and so on.
  2. There is another way to combine Expedit model with pallets. It is easy to strip of the bookcase it’s two middle shelves and then flip on its side. It could be the perfect modern TV cabinet designs for flat screens in any interior. For filling two empty spaces on the sides you can use wooden pallets to make storage boxes.
  3. There is also another variant to make interesting model of high TV stand to decorate your home in the best way. You can use two shelving units. Take out two shelves from these units and turn them horizontally and locate them one on the top of the other. Find a piece of MDF and measure and cut it to place to the back and after this you can customize the stand by adding under-cabinet lights.

  4. Lake table is a perfect TV stand and looks natural and is versatile, so it has the ideal size to any modern TV cabinet design decision. But if this look will get bored with it, then give the TV stand a makeover. For instance, add new doors made of pine planks to store things inside and paint them white color, thus you will have beautiful large white TV unit.
  5. There is another popular model in IKEA such as Besta cabinet or bookshelf. It is versatile and can be easy repurposed as nice TV stands with storage cabinets. Such minimalist piece may look particularly beautiful in modern and contemporary interior. It is also wide to place some nice vase or something else on it.
  6. One of the most practical options is using modern TV cabinet designs as an interesting storage unit. So, you can use few shelving units to make the TV stand where it will be plenty storage inside. You can also buy some baskets to put inside and better organize everything.

  7. Other interesting and creative variant is using kitchen cabinets as transformed TV stand for the unconventional living room. Take the modern TV cabinet design made from refrigerator wall cabinets decorated by aged barn wood for giving a rustic style.
  8. Of course you should not choose too big TV stand for your room. Thus, if you are looking for modern TV cabinet designs stand then find small and compact piece. Pay attention on PS cabinet from popular store. You can decorate it, repaint and make it perfect for your room’s décor. Also you can complete this piece with a coffee table with slender hairpin legs for making contrast.
  9. Actually, you should not repurpose other pieces of furniture just buy the actual TV set and enjoy.
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9 Magical Ideas of Modern TV Cabinet Designs for Living Room updated: June 10, 2021 by author: Ana White

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