Mid-Century Incredible Modern Kitchen Interior Design: 7 Canons

Cozy Breakfast Nooks

Modern kitchen interior design is special, and mid-century modern kitchen is one of the styles you may try. It has original features, so mid-century style is perfect for modern and eclectic home decor.

The most used part of the house is good for clean lines and minimalism. Even if you want just to add some touches of this style, then you have a few modern kitchen interior design tips. The shapes, tones and materials of the 50s can be combined with many contemporary materials and decorations. Here are some tips on how you can transform your cooking area in this style by making a huge work or just adding small accents.

Laminate Surfaces in Modern Kitchen Interior Design

Earlier home owners have preferred granite countertops, but now laminate countertops are better. Technical innovations are developing, so you may find many new types of laminates on the market that look beautiful and are more reasonable. New variants of laminates could copy other materials and fit perfectly home owners who prefer mid-century luxury kitchen design. For example, Formica is a company that started to sell the material many years ago and still produces the best variants. Laminates have many features; this material is affordable and durable. Besides, colors look like 50s remodel.

Pastel Shades

It is clear that vintage luxury kitchen design likes pastel shades. They were very popular from the 1950s and at that time they became bolder. Choose a pastel shade for your walls decoration or other details in the cuisine and create the cheery feel in it, especially if you decorate your 50s room with many brown wooden pieces. It is popular to use pale yellow or green for walls painting, and light blue for cabinets. The one rule is using light colors for walls if you choose colored cabinets.

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Vintage Details in Modern Kitchen Interior Design

If you have a tighter budget, then vintage details will help your contemporary style kitchen. Look for stylish starburst clock, bright bowls, retro canisters, etc. Add some graphic textiles and voila you have a typical mid-century kitchen space design.


Lighting in 50s kitchen space design had an original look taken from Scandinavian and European decoration, and new reactive and space technology manners as well. In this period designers have done many experiments with modern materials, so lighting was created in brass, steel, plastic, wood. Sputnik look elements were very popular. There were many original elements like starbursts, metal and circle bulbs.

Breakfast Nooks in Modern Kitchen Interior Design

After a while, kitchens become bigger, ceilings become higher, spaces become larger, still home owners desire a particular space for having meals. So, it is clear that breakfast nooks were very popular in mid-century manner and their reappearance in modern cuisines. Today people prefer open plan flooring, and built-in seats create the cozy and little place that people will love and desire to have a cup of tea.

Bold Colors in Modern Kitchen Interior Design

This era is characterized by using bold colors such as turquoise, green or orange. These bright shades gave a pop space in contemporary style kitchen. They made the dominant accent in many cases, especially if home owners decided to make orange surfaces or vibrant tike backsplashes. This was a big step from the calm sweet pastels to minimalistic aesthetic. The interesting fact that some pieces created in this period got the name “furniture candy”.

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Flat Front Cabinetry in Modern Kitchen Interior Design

After the trendy decoration went from modern style, cabinetry became more decorated with trim panels. Cuisines became more contemporary and the flat front of cabinets that also called as slab door started changing. Sleek look fits any contemporary kitchen and a 50s’ style as well. For some time it was undesirable to produce theses flat-front ambries because they are expensive, but now they are not.

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