Magical Black and White Brick Wall Interiors

Exposed White Brick Wall

Black and white brick wall has something trendy and very charming, it does not matter whether you want to do it in bedroom, living room or other living space of your home.

This idea is very simple and has a Scandinavian touch, so you get amazing, timeless interior design. You may transform only one black and white brick wall or all of them, but all the time they stay an original design idea, give your space a general mood.

Original Ideas for Black and White Brick Wall

  1. White antique brick wall can give the cool look and add some character to any bedroom. Add white furniture on a white floor, get clean and pure look. Choose pastel colors as accents, and your room becomes casual and cozy.
  2. Also, white side can play its role in the solid frame to a fireplace. And at the same time creates a romantic and relaxing ambiance. It is wonderful, how the only one simple wall can transform or decorate space.
  3. The most important feature of the side is its texture, so you can highlight it by LED stripe lighting or some lamp placing it in the best corner to control the way of how the light and shadow work on your black and white brick wall.
  4. You can paint your wall or make some black and white brick wall graphic. Anyway this detail has an ability to look cozy and welcoming. It allows applying different design ideas that will work in various rooms such as dining areas or kitchens. It could be a great way of getting an inspiration.
  5. A white side can balance space, create the contrast with furniture of natural warm wood, dark floor and general calm colors that can repeat in every room. So, you can make the same side in a bedroom.
  6. Of course, white brick walls look simple and multipurpose, but they also can make a room rustic, so if you try to keep a contemporary look of the side, then use just a one accent wall covered by this material. Find the inspiration, and then transform your living space.
  7. These walls are perfect base for creating the monochromatic, neutral-colored interior. Make white and black space that will fit any interior or design style you prefer to your apartment.
  8. White side looks great in a kitchen where it is necessary to make a comfortable and warm ambiance but very often it is difficult to do. You can do it even with the backsplash. Some shelves hanging on black and white brick wall amazingly complete a general look.
  9. White vintage brick wall is multipurpose as well mostly because it has an irregular surface that offers original, well-known texture, so color becomes not important, white is perfect for different combinations. For instance, use this method in your living room.
  10. People often choose light colors for sides when they decorate their beach houses or coastal buildings. They give a nice look to a room and save its bright, open look.
  11. White painting of textured brick provides soothing effect, so this is a perfect variant for any bedroom set. Install few string lights, place on shelves some pieces of art and enjoy this new comfortable ambiance.
  12. Maybe you do not like the black and white brick wall, and then you can think about the fireplace of white brick. This can look elegant and timeless. Besides, your sides stay neutral, ready to minimalist d├ęcor.
  13. It is not only the brick, which designers use for black and white brick walls decorating. A clean and contemporary look can be reached after applying similar tiles that have such an effect.
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As you see, white color for brick walls is a perfect option. If you want to have the same, learn how to paint brick white, add a floating staircase, the brick background will look amazing. Even your kitchen will be ready to have this accent, especially if this space has an open plan. Imagine, decorate, and change your typical home into a stylish one.

Magical Black and White Brick Wall Interiors updated: May 9, 2020 by author: Ana White

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