Amazing Modern Tiny One Bedroom Apartment

Small Apartment Decor

Probably, you know not so many people who are ready to move into a tiny one bedroom apartment, but before you think this idea is crazy you must know about the beautiful project of architect Jack Chen. He had a small apartment in an old building in Melbourne and transformed it into the best apartment interior design.

Original Ideas for Tiny One Bedroom Apartment Transformation

  1. The size of the apartment is 376 square feet or about 35 square meters and it has no perfect original layout, featuring a rather bad floor plan and small awkward kitchen with just a sink. The upgrade was amazing and it gives many additional functions and improvements to the best small apartment design but before you try to decorate a small apartment think carefully what you do plan to see.
  2. In general, modern small apartment d├ęcor has the main goal to make the space bigger than it is in fact by using many layers and features, contemporary colors and finishes. Buying the perfect furniture for small spaces is a big problem so the designer decided to build the large wooden unit from floor to ceiling that is placed through the entryway and bathroom and has enough of storage for all the stuff.
  3. Another original small apartment cheap decorating ideas are using the hanging bike rack and the dining table that transforms. This project is successful because of the applying of the theme of multifunctional spaces. The move from one function to another is easy, so the life in a tiny one bedroom apartment after the transformation can be both: practical and enjoyable as well.
Amazing Modern Tiny One Bedroom Apartment updated: May 9, 2020 by author: Ana White
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