Top Furniture Retailers in USA: List of 5 Popular

Bedroom Furniture at Ashley Furniture Store

Top furniture retailers are different in different shops. It depends on demographics, people’s tastes, and budget. However, furniture retails are very popular in USA, like Berkshire Hathaway Furniture, and people buy this stuff there at low prices – $500 – $1,500.

Here is a list of 5 top furniture retailers which year after year stays in a top 5. Each of these names can change an order but consistently. Some of these top furniture retailers are from one manufacturer; others can sell different kinds of wood garden furniture and bedding categories from other sources with any price. Almost all these manufacturers have their own websites, so you can buy, for example, contemporary solid wood furniture there or through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. This modern technology helps sources to be in touch with customers.

List of Top Furniture Retailers in USA

Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture Home Stores: is one of the leading pieces manufacturers. Ashley Home Store is a giant network in USA and other countries. Some of Ashley’s dedicated shops are company and others are franchised. In furniture stores like Ashley everybody can buy good wood type for furniture at affordable prices, mostly to mid-level price-points.

Ashley Furniture is very proud of the fact that they’re the number one furniture manufacturer in the world and have famous furniture stores in USA. They’re also the number one furniture retailer in the United States. And again, that’s a very proud moment for Ashley. Ashley Furniture, at its roots, is a manufacturing company. The founder grew up in the manufacturing business, doing work on the shop floor. He grew up in the manufacturing business primarily overseas. Did almost every job within the company. And most of their senior executives did almost every job in the company. They use a lot of Wanek-isms in their company.

They are a dirty fingernail company. And what that means is they’re out doing it. They’re out there on the floor, in the field, continually making business happen. The biggest advantage they have as a company is great people. They have great people within their company. They could talk about the investments that they make, but quite honestly, the most important thing they have within Ashley Furniture is just great, passionate people that want to win. Ashley stands for striving to be the best in everything that they do each and every day. They always want to continually improve. They’re never satisfied. And they are relentless in their approach to trying to find a better way.

The one thing you’ll know about Ron’s history in Ashley Furniture is that he’s a free market believer. He started as a farm boy. He’s got one famous saying that they use all the time within their company, which is, you fix the barn before you fix the house, which means you constantly reinvest back in the business. He’s always focused on improvement. He’s always focused on getting better. And the passion that he brings to the marketplace, passion that he brings to everyday life is unbelievable. He was really challenged with the business model. The occasional tables were going away. And they had to purchase what they formerly manufactured, occasional tables, and convert the plan to bedroom furniture. It was a painful process. He had to make a decision. “Am I going to adopt a new business model or am I going to stay where I’m at and just leave it the way it is and let it slowly go away?” But he took the hard path. They have very little money, very little money. So They had to program their goods in, quickly manufacture it, get it out the door, and get paid before they had to pay their suppliers.

So in order to do this, they had no warehouse. They didn’t own the buildings, but they built eight railroad car spurs. They immediately manufactured the goods, put it in waiting cars and trucks, rotated it, and it was magic. It was gross margin return on inventory and you turned their inventory real fast. They kept on growing and adding more segments. They added bedroom set Ashley furniture. They started an import division in the 1980s. Added upholstery in the 1990s. And then they opened up their home stores and eventually they added mattresses. They’ve had 11 product rebirths within their company, and they’ve had 11 major changes within their company that they’ve had to make to adapt to the world economy. And they made all those changes made in an aggressive manner and they made sure that they were well positioned in the marketplace to sell furniture, however she wanted it to the styles that she wants.

They’re able to take risks where publicly held companies cannot. Publicly held companies need to focus on the next quarter. They need to make sure that their organization is profitable in the future. If they want to lose money in order to rebirth their company or a division of their company, they can. Public companies can’t do that. For the past five years, they’ve invested about $100 million every single year. So they’re constantly rebirthing their organization, constantly investing in new technologies, new methods of doing business, and finding ways to continuously improve. And as a result now they have a huge list of furniture stores in USA.

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The furniture industry is really a fashion industry. A lot of people don’t really understand that. And the way they keep up is they’ve got some excellent designers, absolutely fabulous. They love product. They understand the importance of being fashioned right, priced right, aggressive in what you do. They’re really excited about the Ashley Home Stores. The Ashley Furniture is largest furniture retailer in the US – again, what a great honor. And that’s been achieved in roughly 16 years. No one has close to the amount of money they’ve invested in their web site, their communications, their tracking of product. They’re the number one furniture site on Google or the number one searched term on Google is the Ashley Furniture name and the Ashley Furniture brand.

Market domination: they’ve got a foundation to continually grow. And they have the vision to continually grow. And they have the people who build the biggest furniture stores in USA. They’re not afraid of change. The funnest part of the business is the business. It’s not about joking around or anything like that. It’s about looking at the opportunities that they see in the marketplace. That’s exciting! Their international growth is absolutely tremendous. The market’s wide open. The furniture sales throughout the world are $800 billion. They just do a fraction of that business. And in addition to that, their manufacturing facilities are state of the art. They have some of the best people in the industry and some of the best people in any industry.

Their company is very well-positioned. They’re well-positioned with retail furniture stores like Ashley. They’re well-positioned with their manufacturing operations. They’re well-positioned throughout their supply chain. Their future is very, very bright. Ashley Furniture’s mission is to improve quality. As they improve quality, they can reduce their cost. As they reduce their cost, they can do more business. As they do more business, they can hopefully make a profit. And of course, they have to make a profit to stay in business.


IKEA: is a big, popular special shop where everyone can buy not only bedroom solid wood furnishings but complete lifestyle as well. This store has an army of loyal fans and detractors as well. If you need something in short time or you have no special skills for assembling it, IKEA is a first store which you should think about among top furniture retailers and has nearly top furniture stores in USA. The pieces here are good for small spaces and it is smaller scaled. It has affordability too, as Ashley has. The variety is very big, so you can buy your streamlined and modern furniture in IKEA.

Furniture that is both cheap and high-quality is one thing we can take for granted today because of how easy it is to get. However, it wasn’t always like this. Once upon a time, furniture was an expensive commodity, especially in places like Sweden. Now we can conveniently get cheap, ready-to-assemble furniture for a relatively low cost. For this, we have a gifted dyslexic kid to thank Ingvar Feodor Kamprad struggled with school because of his learning disability. All through his life, he displayed a strong instinct for business. It was this instinct that he used to take his business from being in a tiny shed, to becoming the world’s largest furniture retailer.

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The Birth of IKEA. On the 30th of March 1926, on a farm called Elmtaryd near the small village of Agunnaryd in Sweden, a boy named Ingvar Feodor Kamprad was born. When he was just 17 years old, he had saved up some money. His father gave him a little more money as a gift for doing well in school despite his dyslexia. This money was used to pay the registration fees of the business firm the young man had always wanted. And so, IKEA was born. Coined from the owner’s initials, Ingvar Kamprad, and his place of birth, Elmtaryd farm in Agunnaryd, the name IKEA was used to refer to the small shed from which Ingvar operated his registered business. It was far from being the multinational conglomerate that we know today.

The most of IKEA’s profits today comes from the sales of furniture. Before Ingvar began selling furniture, he looked for places where he could find the cheapest   furniture to buy. He began by selling replicas of his uncle’s kitchen table. With time, he expanded his collection and added more pieces of furniture for sale. Each piece of furniture sold in his store was given a special name because his dyslexia didn’t allow him to remember numeric names of items. So for instance, a chair that  didn’t have an armrest was known as ‘Root’.

IKEA began to distribute booklets among its customers. Over the years, these booklets evolved and have eventually become the modern IKEA  catalogs. When his furniture range debuted, Ingvar told his customers that IKEA would offer more  furniture options if customers were interested. They were. And that was how he continued to expand his business.

Things took an unfortunate turn for IKEA in 1955. Ingvar had bought a small, old factory in Sweden and began producing his own furniture. This way, the furniture was produced at a much cheaper rate for sale at his stores. His low prices were strange for Sweden where furniture had, prior to that, been seen as an expensive commodity. This definitely did not go unnoticed. Furniture manufacturers boycotted Ingvar and IKEA. They protested against his low prices and asked that they be increased. The Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry persuaded loggers to cease all business interactions with IKEA. This however, did not deter Ingvar. He maintained   his mission to provide affordable furniture to customers while still making a profit.

In response to the actions of the loggers and the rest of the Swedish furniture industry, Ingvar Kamprad decided to import furniture components. Which he was able to get at cheap prices from polish suppliers. To the displeasure of the people who boycotted him, Ingvar opened up the first IKEA showroom in 1953 in Älmhult. Five years later, a 72 000 square-foot store was opened. All the attempts to shut him down proved futile.

In the early years of IKEA, the delivery trucks that they used were milk trucks. This cost of delivery was something Ingvar wanted to reduce as much as possible. He got the solution to his dilemma in the early 60s when he went on a visit to the United States. That was where he was first exposed to the Cash & Carry trade system. Ingvar liked the fact that customers could pay in cash and carry the goods away themselves. No need for a delivery truck. He began using this method, but he improved on it. The IKEA parking lots were more spacious, in anticipation of the car boom that had begun in Sweden. People were more willing to travel far distances to do their shopping. Ingvar’s visit to the United States also led to the creation of flat-pack furniture which has now been adopted by furniture suppliers all over the world.

With the flat-pack system, the furniture is ready to assemble. The buyer takes it home and follows detailed instructions within the pack to set up the furniture. The assembly process is simple and can be carried out without any special woodworking skill. This made the furniture easier to carry and cheaper to transport. This greatly reduced transportation as well as labor costs and Ingvar noticed that customers actually enjoyed assembling their furniture themselves. To encourage people to shop at IKEA, they started selling their customers roof racks for carrying furniture on top of cars. The spacious parking lots, the roof racks, and especially the introduction of flat-pack furniture did a wonderful job in driving customers to IKEA. As a result of these brilliant,  well-executed plans, the company’s sales doubled in just one year. It was a breakthrough for the company.

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In 1963, IKEA began expanding beyond the borders of Sweden. It opened its first overseas store in Oslo, Norway. Over the next 50 years, about 300 IKEA stores opened up all over the world. Now, almost six decades later, IKEA  has over 400 stores around the world, more than 200,000 employees, and makes a revenue of billions of dollars every year. Before Ingvar Kamprad died at the age of 91 years old, he was one of the richest people worldwide and currently, IKEA is the largest furniture retailer in the entire world.


Williams-Sonoma Stores. You can buy something in this shop and not know about it. Williams-Sonoma Stores complete of such stores: Pottery Barn, PB Teen, Pottery Barn Kids, West Elm, Williams-Sonoma, Rejuvenation and Mark and Graham. They are very popular together and lead among top furniture retailers in United States. All needs for multi-brand lifestyle provides the big popularity of this shop.

Mark and Graham is the new store in this community and propose not only home furnishings, but can offer other products and gifts as well. West Elm is popular between younger buyers because of big varieties of steamlined, smaller scaled and affordable furniture. Pottery Barn is an upscale shop which has Pottery Barn Kids section for kids and PB Teen for teenagers.

Berkshire Hathaway Furniture

The Berkshire Hathaway Furniture Division: consists of different holdings. You can buy colored wood furniture only in these divisions: Nebraska Furniture Mart, R.C. Willey, Star Furniture, and Jordan’s Furniture.

Nebraska Furniture Mart works in 3 big stores in such states: Nebraska, Missouri, and Iowa. R.C. Willey operates in 13 stores in Utah, Idaho, Nevada and California. Star Furniture you can find in Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Bryan/College Station, in Texas. And Jordan’s Furniture well operates in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. These stores differ multiple brands and sources, you can buy different pieces there among top furniture retailers.

In 1982 Berkshire Hathaway acquired 90% of Nebraska Furniture Mart, the largest home furniture store in the nation. By 1987, Berkshire Hathaway’s future was looking good. The Wall Street Journal reported that Berkshire Hathaway’s stock portfolio had blown past the DOW Jones average of 233.6% to a whopping 748% since the market’s surge began in 1982. Berkshire Hathaway became the highest-priced stock on the exchange, at about $4,300 a share, up from $12 a share when Buffett first bought the company.

Raymour & Flanigan

Raymour & Flanigan: saves a traditional sense of this kind of store. It has mid-prices and multiple ranges. Headquartered of Raymour & Flanigan is in Liverpool, New York. And also it has about 100 stores in different states: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Delaware, and Rhode Island.

So, as you see there are many furniture stores in USA where you can buy all you want. Of course this list can be longer because wooden making industry is developing every year.

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