7 Attractive Models of High-Quality Walnut Table Base for Dining Room Design

Walnut Brown Coffee Table

Walnut table base is evaluated by its original grain pattern and beautiful dark color, so it is one of the most popular woods for furniture creating. Besides, this material is durable, so pieces from walnut could become the family heirlooms, living with generations.

Models from Walnut Table Base for Your Space

  1. Designers propose to pay attention to the Fuji table made by Porada. It is really great model represented by amazing grain patterns that this furniture could have. The round walnut table base is solid and made from 12 panels that are around central decorative detail. The central hole, for example, could be used as a vase if you want. The base is made down at the bottom by bronzoro varnished metal.
    According to Vermont Wood Studio, walnut is just the single dark wood represented in North America. The color is unique and beautiful, looks like deep chocolate that can come near purple tones, and if the wood is from the other parts of the wood then the material has yellowish cast. You can meet many species with similar names, but the most popular type of furniture making is American Walnut from the eastern Black Walnut. The great part of this material comes from Ohio, Indiana or other states of mid-North America.
  2. This material perfect fit for the modern walnut table base that showcases the wood grain. For instance, there is a model of a coffee table named as Georgetti, it is low round table that makes the wood shine. The shape of the table reminds the straight grain. Dark nickel finished metal details are made by hand and divide the large circle.

  3. Another interesting variant is Dalida model of bookcase made by Porada. It has a solid walnut table base, such shelves could be lacquered in polyester or you may leave them in natural color. Striations can make the look of such furniture much better and develop the finish and lustrous sheen of the wood. So, designers like this material not only for its look but also for the possibility to be carved and decorated.
  4. Modern variants of walnut furniture are very beautiful. They differ by smooth lines and amazing deep curves that could be the perfect walnut table base with a glass surface, for instance, the model Circle from Prada. The combination of a clear surface and solid base makes this model unique and focal in any dining room.
    The furniture from walnut is strong because of its ability to withstand any environment conditions. Thus, your walnut wood chairs won’t shrink or swell very easy as other types of wood do for example in wet weather. It is water-resistant as well, that is why the spills won’t leave marks if to clean them fast. So this material is pretty perfect for dining tables making. Put the glass surface on the solid frame and base and get original walnut square dining table.

  5. Porada also represented many accessories from this wood to demonstrate how to easy you may carve it. For instance, the mirror frame could be realized in solid walnut and composed from 60 wooden spheres. Thus, you will have pretty nice and unique accent on your wall.
  6. Upholstered wooden furniture is another popular way to use walnut table base in your living space. For instance, the variant Allison from Porada decorated with cushions and upholstered in many variants of fabrics is a good example of modern walnut office furniture. Solid wood here is a good base for a plush sofa. If you will add same table and floor lamp then you will get stylish set in your working space.
  7. Other variant is using bookcases from this material. The design Myria is represented in open construction with smoked tempered glass shelves and it helps to save light and airy look of the bookcase.
7 Attractive Models of High-Quality Walnut Table Base for Dining Room Design updated: June 8, 2021 by author: Ana White
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