8 Inspiring Modern Baroque Style Furniture Ideas for Interior Decor

Rococo Dining Room

Many modern people prefer dinner parties style in their spaces, and the most luxurious dining room is represented in modern baroque style furniture decor. But not all homeowners use full Baroque elements, they just include some details into the room where they really want to feel luxury and wealth.

This design style is realized in golden elements, ornate dining table and chairs with interesting curved legs, soft modern baroque style furniture fabrics and so on. Don’t confuse Baroque and Rococo style, because the first one was the origin of the same area, but Rococo came at the end of this period and differs by light and graceful elements in decoration.

Anyway, if you will decide to decorate your living space in one of these styles; the room will make an impression on your guests for sure. Here you may find some interesting ideas for your dining space and inspire to include such elements in your home.

8 Ideas for Modern Baroque Style Furniture Decor

  1. Add to the typical dining room some exciting crystal chandelier; decorate some details in baroque style and get original and luxury space at your home. For decorating the backs of chairs use scrolls and foliage, make baroque sideboard with the same ornaments. Chairs will fit for this style if they have slightly curved legs and bright details at the chairs’ head. Don’t forget about beautiful silk fabric.
  2. Decorate the walls in your dining room by special wall panels that were typical for Baroque period – gilded design with specific scrolls and flourishes. Buy few chairs that look ornate with tufted upholstery and gilt-wood frames. At the end put some intricate accessories and get typical Baroque dining room.
  3. This era differs from others by gorgeous and luxury round table that looks like a masterpiece. In this period many designers and masters created their furniture because they were good in painting, inlaying of ebony wood with amazing tortoise shell, elegant brass and other materials.

  4. You shouldn’t use all pieces of modern baroque style furniture, just add one ornate conveying wooden table with a little inlay and it will become the main point of your space. For example, buy baroque sofa set realized in rococo curved legs and original embellished feet. The light in the dining room must help to grow the chosen style in your space.
  5. If you don’t want to decorate your walls with typical rococo styled elements, then choose a light color for walls and neutral grey or pale for modern baroque style furniture, thus you will also get luxury décor in your modern baroque living room. Add fabric tassels at the legs of the chairs and table, put the beautiful dining table in the center of the room with lambrequin motif and that is. Put nor overly adorned china cabinet, swag-shaped drawer pulls, the beautiful chandelier with glass ornamentation and your guests will be impressed.

  6. Make the walls in modern baroque style furniture decor but combine it with painted rococo buffet and china cabinet and get the original version of your Baroque style. And the curved console could make a set with interesting accessories and wall art.
  7. Look at interior magazines some examples of decorations you will like. What do you think about neutral color and solid tabletop in your room? Chairs could be tall-backed with upholstered back and beautiful monochrome pattern.
  8. Another interesting point for your modern baroque style furniture in bedroom is applying luxury and elegant tassels. For example, it can be realized in a large chandelier with tassels that dangle from every lamp. This is the typical part of a Baroque era that you may use in your stylish home space.
8 Inspiring Modern Baroque Style Furniture Ideas for Interior Decor updated: June 8, 2021 by author: Ana White
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