9 Helpful Tips How to Use Live Edge Wood Stool and Slab Top Table in Your Living Space

Driftwood Style Coffee Table

Natural live edge wood stool and table represent a certain style that can be brought to life when carpenter takes live edge piece of wood and with its help incarnates that one beautiful piece of furniture. Such pieces like live edge wood stool always have one-of-a-kind look.

Main goal of the master is always same, namely, to showcase the natural beauty of wood and make this piece a focal point in any decoration.

Several Tips for Live Edge Wood Stool and Slab Top Table Decor

  • Any kitchen will look great if you combine modern furnishings with slab of wood table. Its color may be darker or lighter than other wooden elements around, but the overall picture always remains great.
  • Live edge headboard made of one piece of wood has a very beautiful look. Having natural lines and live shape it gives any bedroom a comfortable feel and casual look.

  • Kitchen is a perfect place for elements that have no perfect angles and lines. Slab top table or live edge countertop is a great option. Such features and elements makes kitchen stand out from hundreds of others.
  • Contemporary designed kitchen can easily stand out from other ones. Live edge wood countertop is an element that will make it to become unique and unrepeatable, especially with live edge wood stool.
  • Live edge oak coffee table is one of the most common pieces placed in the center of living room. This concept is always winning provided that other details of the décor in your room will go with this one piece.
  • Natural dining tables are always very beautiful. Its shape sometimes may be considered inconvenient, but those little inconveniences are all forgotten when you place such item in the dining room and it becomes a focal point. Live edge wood stool is a great addition to such decors.

  • Common wooden shelves are very popular around the world. But imagine what a wonderful look will have a live edge one. Shelf attached to a stone wall, makes an unbelievably beautiful and interesting combination of textures and materials.
  • Bathroom is usually not a place that considers being a good place to use wood in decor. But sometimes, an idea to make a bathroom unique suggests a thought about live edge chairs or table tops. And the result often exceeds all expectations.
  • Live edge benches are always appropriate, no matter where you put them. Such piece can be used in a hallway, living room or even in bedroom. You can mount it on the wall and the natural look and organic shape will change the feel in the room to better.
9 Helpful Tips How to Use Live Edge Wood Stool and Slab Top Table in Your Living Space updated: June 8, 2021 by author: Ana White
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