14 Genius Examples of Modern Woodwork Kitchen Cabinets

Grey Kitchen Wall Cabinets

Wood is always in style. There are dozens of kinds of modern woodwork kitchen cabinets made of wood, but try to imagine such piece of furniture gray-colored. Of course, gray is not exciting color at all. Most time it look very boring, monotonous and bland.

Gray color is also often associated with the concrete for its roughness and coldness, or with the depressing rainy day or cloudy sky. Although, sometimes it can stand out in very exciting ways. Interior designers are those who know it better than anyone other.

Modern Woodwork Kitchen Cabinets: Contemporary or Rustic

In case with wood stain cabinets, gray color may bring you not only coldness and blandness, but also calmness. If you want to organize the modern woodwork kitchen with relaxing ambience this is exactly what you need. The versatility of gray and emotional absence in it, allows using it in almost any space and design as a perfect background. As for kitchen, it will look pretty chic.

Oak stained cabinets in the modern woodwork kitchen is a great option for any décor, from modern and contemporary to traditional and rustic. Depending on the décor style they will look simple, full of charm or futuristic. Somebody might say that this color is something like compromise between two contrasting tones like white and black. But if you want to have a simple and fresh look in the kitchen, combine gray modern woodwork kitchen cabinets with other pieces stained not just white or black, but also all shades of yellow.

Kitchen often is a place where you need to storage all utensils, appliances and many other things, and some of them must be displayed. This is the reason why this room usually becomes more complex and not minimalist. Detached and quiet nature of gray will help in creating relaxing and pleasant ambiance in the modern woodwork kitchen.

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In order to avoid a dull look, use gray background as a canvas and complement it with some contrasting and colorful features. It will never look too conservative, austere or impersonal when it highlights some things that matter.

There are many shades of gray to choose from. So, picking one of them for the kitchen you can make this place look futuristic, more mysterious, sophisticated and, of course, cool. This is a resilient and strong color which is totally perfect for modern woodwork kitchen.

14 Genius Examples of Modern Woodwork Kitchen Cabinets updated: June 10, 2021 by author: Ana White

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