11 Awesome Wood Outdoor Daybed Ideas for Summer Garden Space Design

Rattan Cane Daybed

When the summer is around the corner it is surely time to think about a place where you may have a great relaxing time in peace. Wood outdoor daybed ideas are definitely what you need.

Garden season is coming and from time to time you will be happy to spend a couple of fantastic hours lying on your modern outdoor daybed. The process of choosing the garden wood outdoor daybed ideas differs from the one with indoor furniture. Here, designs and patterns are totally different. Materials used are often also different. The first thing you need to decide is the size of the bed which will fit in the free space of the backyard. Another thing is its functionality.

If you want to relax on your own and read a book in a daytime and if you want to meet there with a family and friends – these must be two different models. Rattan outdoor daybed is the most appropriate model for relaxing near the swimming pool or under the tree in the patio. There are dozens of wood outdoor daybed ideas with the help of which you can embody your wildest desires about the outdoor resting. Make the pool or garden area look like true spa resort just in your backyard.

Protect Outdoor Teak Daybed and Yourself From the Sun With a Canopy

Rattan, oak or teak wood outdoor daybed ideas give even more luxurious feelings to you and to your garden area when accompanied by side curtains or canopy. If you want more privacy, this is also a good option. Every taste and every wish can be satisfied by the great variety of designs and styles of these items. Just find the best place for your new daybed and adjust other patio furnishings so that each and every item looks harmonious. Add some decorative pillows and finalize the composition with beautiful bedding set. Now you have a unique outdoor teak daybed.

Wood Outdoor Daybed Ideas to Every Taste and Pocket

Wood is, probably the best material for daybeds. All you have to do is to choose the wood type. They all look natural and very attractive. If you want to save money, find pieces made of reclaimed wood. It looks not less gorgeous and expensive. Wicker wood outdoor daybed ideas complement contemporary designs having different shapes and colors and sizes. Actually, it does not matter whether you choose daybed square or round, low or high, with side curtains or without them, you can be sure that every minute spend relaxing on it will give you maximum enjoyment and piece.

How to Build Cheap DIY Wood DayBed In Under 30 Minutes

Six cubic feet of soil, two two-foot, and two six-foot 2×6’s and plants or blocks is all we need for this project. All right. The first thing we’re going to do is just lay out the planter blocks. So these things have two inch slots where you basically just feed in the 2×6’s and you pretty much don’t need to use anything at all. You’ve got no nails, no glue, no nothing. We just put that thing together in about a minute or so. It’s super transportable, super affordable. It’s really, really good to use in a quick situation.

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So we’re adding the six cubic feet of soil right now, smoothing it out, just making sure that it’s level everywhere. And we’re going to get all the clumps out of the soil. So we didn’t buy the highest quality soil, we know some of you might be saying that in the comments, but it’s not a big deal. We’re going to be amending this over time. So we’re just smoothing it out right now before we go ahead and lay down wires.

So what we’re doing here is we’re just measuring one foot increments and drawing a little dot because what you’ll see in a second is we’re going to be nailing in some nails. Now we don’t nail them in all the way, we nail them in halfway because we’re creating a two foot by six foot grid so we can plant in this wooden daybed a little bit easier. So some of you might be familiar with this method. It’s called the square foot gardening method. We actually worked with Mel Bartholomew, cause he was a San Diegan for a while before he passed away.

It’s just a beautiful method for beginners, especially people who are throwing together their very first wood daybed. People who are doing their first wooden daybed and they want the cheapest, lowest effort, lowest cost thing out there. So we’ve got the whole thing set up and start to finish this thing took about 10-15 minutes.

Right now we’re doing spinach and spinach and the square foot gardening method. You use four per square foot. So we’re just transplanting in real quick. Packing them back in and we’re going to move on. We’ve got spinach, chard, and we believe butterhead lettuce going on in here. So again, the square foot gardening method is beautiful. You can use this for just about any plant, although some of them are planted more densely like radishes at 16 per square foot or cabbage, usually one, maybe two per square foot if you’re like extremely lucky and you want to grow like a baby cabbage head.

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So all we’re doing here is just laying these in. All of these plants are spaced at four per square foot, which is why you see them in this spacing here. Just packing them down a bit and in a second you’ll see us just watering them in. So that is it. It is the 20 minute, under $50 woodd daybed, we believe was the final cost for this.

11 Awesome Wood Outdoor Daybed Ideas for Summer Garden Space Design updated: August 7, 2021 by author: Ana White

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