8 Superb Modern Coat Rack Ideas For Your Entryway Design

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Coat rack is one of must-have things in each house. Usually, people choose modern coat rack ideas from several common designs available in the nearest store.

If you are one of those people who do not like to follow general trends and buy a generic coat hanger for wall with hooks, there is an option for you. Here are several special modern coat rack ideas that are made to become a focal point of the space you put it in.

Most Charming Modern Coat Rack Ideas

  1. Flamingo – is a free-standing wood rack. G. Carollo, the designer, made it look graceful, but at the same time be sturdy and solid. This piece can become a focal point not only of your entryway, but of the living room or even bedroom.
  2. The Jackson is another stylish coat rack. It combines function and looks in a very natural and pleasant way, and also have very strong visual presence. It has six spikes of two different lengths that can hold not only coats but hats. The Jackson is a wood that goes in two variants: white oak or solid black walnut.
  3. The Hanger definitely stands out from the crowd of generic items for the home décor. It has a very special design that stands out through its size, style and form. Hanger consists of solid marble base, leather straps and a copper frame. Of course, such combination of materials is not so common, but probably this is what you want to see in your hallway?

  4. The Bloom, designed by Jeff Miller, is at first sight common and simple coat rack that you might meet in every second house. But when you look closer many hidden things become obvious. Like, for example, this piece actually changes its form and thus interacts with its users. When you put your coat on one of the arms it opens, and when the weight is removed it closes.
  5. Sciangai clothes stand was initially designed and created in 1973. It is one of popular wood rustic modern coat rack ideas that have simple design. But the most unique is its space-saving feature. When the piece is not needed you can easily pack and store it. Today this feature can become decisive for many people who are looking to furnish their small houses and apartments. It comes in oak or beech wood, but you can choose black, white, brown modern coat rack ideas or any other available color.

  6. Many people today are looking for modularity in each piece of furniture. The Waltz coat hanger, created by GamFratesi, has a modular design which consists of three curved modules. Its design was inspired by famous throughout the world dance, having the same name.
  7. Originality of furniture often becomes decisive when we try to choose between several pieces. Raul Barbieri, the designer, created an inspiring item which calls the Rexite Pop. It consists of a free standing modern coat rack ideas with sculptural and smooth form, a tray, an umbrella stand and hooks for hanging pocket umbrellas.
  8. Carlo Colombo designer an exquisite coat rack called Frame. There are two versions you may choose from. First has a mirror and a shelf, and the second is taller, has metal hooks for hanging, shelf at the bottom and a small mirror.
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8 Superb Modern Coat Rack Ideas For Your Entryway Design updated: June 10, 2021 by author: Ana White

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