Interesting Mid-Century Simple Kitchen Interior Design Elements

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Simple kitchen interior design is special, and mid-century modern is one of the styles you may try. It has original features, so mid-century style is perfect for modern and eclectic home décor.

The most used part of the house is good for clean lines and minimalism. Even if you want just to add some touches of this style, then you have a few kitchen design tips. The shapes, tones and materials of the 50s can be combined with many contemporary materials and decorations. Here are some tips on how you can transform your cooking area in this style by making a huge work or just adding small accents.

Embrace galley look

The contemporary 50s’ design shows an open ideal kitchen layout. However, typical kitchen of that era had the sprawling space, not like today. Normally kitchens looked like galley style opened on one side. Such a galley manner is very good because you have only a long surface through every side. Feeling of the cuisine which has relations with adjacent spaces was the general purpose of that time. Now open plan cooking areas are very popular while this space becomes a part of the living area, but a galley cuisine may become original trendy feature of the home.

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Floor in Simple Kitchen Interior Design

Flooring is very important in the farm kitchen decoration because it could give general mood for the room. Most often floors in 50s cuisines were made in stone, shiver, bluestone, tufa or terrazzo. If you like this beautiful look but you have not enough money for it then pay attention to new tiles that have a similar look but have lower price and maintenance. Also, you may choose other material that fit mid-century manner, such as cork or wood, but the wood matches better for this period. Find something medium in color with well-viewed grain. Do not use long gray floor in this place.

Metal cabinetry in Simple Kitchen Interior Design

If you decorate your cuisine in retro 50s’ style, then it is better to choose metal cabinets. Such a cabinetry is one of popular kitchen remodel tips of that period. In 1950s, steel was far-famed for completing homes, besides capacity manufacture had been developed. Sure, this décor era had many new materials such as plastic, plywood in decoration, but wood was the most prevalent in cuisine manners, and steel began to fade. Nowadays, there are many manufacturers that make contemporary variants of retro metal cabinets, or you may find someone who hunts for vintage pieces that you can repaint or transform.

Open shelves in Simple Kitchen Interior Design

The open ambiance of 50s contemporary cuisine is well accented by applying open shelves, like single element or as a focal point. Even a part of open shelves looks pretty amazing. You may hang them above the sink or near the unit. Anyway, it is one of the original ways to give more bright colors to your cuisine. If you have a wooden mid-century cooking place, then put open shelves to bring light farm kitchen touch.

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Tile in retro style in Simple Kitchen Interior Design

Homes made in this style had many tile decoration and kitchen interior design as well. Now you may find many things that match this period. Classic choice is squares and rectangles, but also you may choose hexagons, circles and other figures in tile design.

Graphic patterns in Simple Kitchen Interior Design

Adding textile in your space is more permissible than furnishings. These kitchen design tips work if you create contemporary interpretations. The true vintage fabrics have high price. But you can choose some abstract or geometric prints. Take care about stylish towels, curtains and furnishings fabrics.

Wood grain in Simple Kitchen Interior Design

As you have already known the wood came to mid-century ideal kitchen layout when stainless steel became not very popular. You may use wood for cabinets, especially if you have already some wood furniture in a cuisine. Also, you can make wooden ceiling, walls, and countertops.

Dining set in Simple Kitchen Interior Design

Kitchen remodel tips offer using of correct dining set. The true 50s furniture must have clean lines and be made of plastics or bent plywood.

Interesting Mid-Century Simple Kitchen Interior Design Elements updated: May 9, 2020 by author: Ana White

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