10 Fascinating DIY Lack Desk Design Ideas for Home Interior Decor

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People who like DIY lack desk projects should try to explore the opportunity of renovating some of Ikea products, namely Ikea lack tables.

10 DIY Lack Desk Designs

Actually there is a wide series of such tables that include lack nightstand, lack console table and so on. Let’s try to transform common lack furniture into totally ingenious projects.

  • First option is probably the simplest transformation. You will need coffee table and several wooden boards. Cut those boards to the size of the tabletop. After staining, screw and glue each board after another until the whole top will be covered with them. Right after the process is over, turn the piece upside down and do not forget to put something heavy on it’s middle. Wait overnight and then add screws on the underside.
  • Another way to give a new life to the lack desk has much in common with the first one. You should also find several wooden boards and cut them to the size of the lack desk. Choose your favorite color and stain those boards. Place them evenly on the top, but leave small gaps between them. Nail them down and that’s all! You can use this method when working with lacks dining tables and side tables. Try to use side desks as a pair, but choose different wide boards for each piece. Thus, you can use them as desks for kids, in the living room or whenever and however you want.
  • If you want, you can also repurpose simple lack desk and make it function like a tufted ottoman. For this, at first, make it shorter by cutting the legs. Buy fabric and foam, and attach them to your table.
  • For those who are not looking for easy ways and want to add a bit of mid-century charm to the decor, no doubt this option will be interesting. Find four tapered legs in the store. Take the top of the table and screw that all together. Make sure that your new charming table is stable and the legs are screwed symmetrically.
  • This option is a good idea if you have extra wallpaper and want your lack console table to coordinate with accent wall or ceiling. This upgrade will cost you not much at all, and will not take much time.
  • Very interesting way is to use pennies for covering lack nightstand Except about 600 pennies, you will need black paint, reinforced glass, wood moulding and picture frame mount. Of course, this process will take some time, but be patient and your efforts will be justified.

  • If you like to make simple but charming things, try following project of lack desk. Take two lack furniture pieces, and buy sixteen most wonderful brass corners you have found. Tap those corners on all outside corners, including legs and tops. This trick works with lacks dining tables as well.
  • Bringing the next idea to life, you will have to pay attention to the edges. Patterned tape of any color and combination will go. With this idea it is easy to match the piece of furniture to any other element or elements in the room.

  • If you know how to use the saw, this option will come feasible. Take lattice and cut it to the size of the table top. Repeat this procedure twice, because the second piece will be needed for making the bottom shelf. Castors under the shelf will make it multipurpose.
  • Here is really unusual project for the Ikea lack table design. Do you want to have a chich side lack desk that can light up? What is needed: frosted glass, double-sided foam tape, Christmas lights, electrical cable, some switches and plugs. With the paper knife cut the lack desk to insert there lights, cable etc. Then, connect the whole electric chain and test it. take the glass and put foam tape on it. After that, attach the glass to the table and here you go!
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10 Fascinating DIY Lack Desk Design Ideas for Home Interior Decor updated: June 8, 2021 by author: Ana White

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