French Style Interior Design: Useful Advices How to Make at Your Home

You may buy iron pieces of French kitchen furniture, for example, chairs, tables, cabinets, etc.

What do you need to create a real French style interior design?

Recent years so much new trends appeared and gone, but French manner in decoration homes still stays one of the most elegant ways to change any interior. This style is trendy, cozy and very rich. Even hotels and cafes use it to decorate their spaces.

French style is a mix of trend and functionality. It is realized in applying soft sofas, rich textile and elegant lighting.

Your place can become the classy French chateau if you will follow such advice.

1. Motifs and Color in French Style Interior Design

This décor provides using gorgeous textile with great provincial patterns. It is better to use soft color in the room’s decoration.

Choose the common soft tone for painting the fireplace, mantels, frames, and cabinets to highlight easy and dramatic decoration style.

2. Wall Paper in French Style Interior Design

It is impossible to imagine real Parisian decoration without wallpaper. The most popular French style interior designs are toile, flowers, leaves, stripes, butterflies and geometric figures.

Toile is a famous pattern of textile. Almost all rooms in typical French houses include toile print, for instance, linens, curtains and so on. If you have no idea how to use toile, then start with the simplest toile pattern. Maybe the typical picture frame will inspire you for more original decisions of using toile on the textile of your home.

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This pattern doesn’t fit only for walls. Use the same picture on curtains, textile or upholstery. This serious approach differ French houses from other places.

3. Lampshades in French Country Interior Design

Designers always use lampshades for creating real Parisian style. The ideal lampshades must give the spotlighting and give the space warmth and comfortable atmosphere.

You may find coolie, square coolie, candle and candle drum variants of lampshades.

Daily lighting is also used in French homes, so do not forget about typical French windows.

4. Iron Elements in French Style Interior Design

Iron using is one more element of classy Parisian style. You may buy iron pieces of furniture, for example, chairs, tables, cabinets, beds, dressers etc.

Designers like the interesting motif of iron furniture with spirals, curves that are often used. Usually, they are glazed or realized in gold or black tone.

You may add rich textile and soft details to iron furniture to make the beautiful home décor.

5. Furniture for French Style Interior Design

This décor includes also a French country painted furniture. Use everything such as tables, furniture sets, sofas, dressers that look like old ones.

You don’t need to buy new distressed furniture for your French country style bedroom. If you have a little free time you can transform available table, dresser or sofa into the amazing accent. Combine such furniture with soft curtains, flowers in vases, books and so on.

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Everything that makes a space of your home cozy and relaxing relates to a French manner home decoration.

How to Decorate Kitchen in French Style Interior Design?

Most people are sure that Parisian kitchens look very beautiful even if they are small. You may use so many ways of the decoration of the kitchen, for instance, use decorative faux finishes for cabinets and do not buy the new ones.

A glazed blue color is a wonderful color for French country rooms especially for kitchens because this tone fit wooden details, patterned stoves, and even French country style table.

Normally kitchens in France are large and functional, but the kitchen island is very eye-catching element where all home events take place. The countertop could have a simple pattern, but decorate your bench with natural stone and Parisian manner will come to your place. The pink color is a great choice for stone with French style interior design.

Don’t forget about faucets, lighting and other accents for walls. It is better to choose old-style for all these items. What do you think about iron wrought that hangs over the kitchen island? You may hang pots and pans there, fresh herbs and so on – Parisian people often practice it on their kitchens.

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Parisian home décor likes stone in decoration, for instance, marble, granite or slate. A stone backsplash or stone fireplace can decorate your living room or kitchen in a natural way.

Such a focal point of natural stone makes a comfortable ambiance in any house and is often used in country home decoration in France.

French Style Interior Design: Useful Advices How to Make at Your Home updated: May 14, 2020 by author: Ana White

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