10 Helpful Tips to Make the Best Efficient Small Kitchen Design

Galley Kitchen In Bright Tile Backsplash

There are some kitchens where many cooks work. Especially if we talk about a galley kitchen. Such efficient small kitchen design have a lot of space for storage and not too much standing space where only one cook can work comfortably.

Sometimes you may find ways of solving this problem, but sometimes not. If you are one of those who has an efficient small kitchen design, then try to love this space. Read these tips of small galley kitchen makeovers and you will discover many interesting things for yourself.

10 Tips for Efficient Small Kitchen Design in Your House

  1. Do you want your kitchen to look bigger than it actually is? Bring some light. Choose cabinets with light wood or color because they can reflect the light that you need.
  2. What do you think about switcheroo? Replaced glossy white backsplash and light cabinet with glossy white cabinets and light backsplash. Thus, your kitchen will look more original and modern.
  3. Don’t use black color only for fixtures; try to use it in more elements to create the chic pop style in your efficient small kitchen design. Black color for backsplash or even walls may highlight elements of your kitchen that you want.
  4. Of course, if you don’t like black, just choose your favorite color. Even if you prefer pink or juicy orange. The bright colorful pop in your kitchen will make this space welcoming.

  5. Don’t forget about patterns. This variant brings the personality to the efficient small kitchen design. Choose something bright and vibrant if you like it, or find neutral and calm colors for calming effect.
  6. Do you want to add some color without narrow kitchen remodel? Do it. Paint the linoleum floor with favorite shade and the cooking in your kitchen becomes more pleasant.
  7. Such galley kitchens may make the feeling that you are in boxes. You may avoid it by choosing some efficient small kitchen design for open shelves, thus the space seems bigger.
  8. Is your ceiling in a galley kitchen high? Use this space for storage. Install open shelves to make the space sleek and finished. Besides, you get an extra space for storage and styling.
  9. Bright and eye-catching wallpaper can help to take a break with this efficient small kitchen design. Besides, the space becomes longer visually and more interesting.
  10. If your house has not supported walls use them for creating beautiful one side kitchen design. Replace one of the walls with glass and the efficient small kitchen design will have the illusion of large space.
10 Helpful Tips to Make the Best Efficient Small Kitchen Design updated: June 5, 2021 by author: Ana White
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