8 Inspired Ideas of Decorative Wall Shelves for Bedroom Interior

Wooden Stand for Plant Pot

If the available space is too limited and there is a desire to use all free space decorative wall shelves for bedroom are exactly you need. This includes everything and decorative wall shelves for bedroom as well. And do you know better way to keep all your staff together than making the board by yourself?

There are many different variants of shelves making in internet and special resources. You may also find ideas of built-in shelves which could be used for storing and showing accessories.

Simple floating bedroom shelves with a combination of key holder looks great and is really clever and practical. It is possible to locate such storage near the entryway. You can keep potted plants on such decorative wall shelves for bedroom because always they have a little space to place in the room, besides the space for keys holding is needed always.

An entryway and walk-in closet could be decorated by industrial pipe shelves, besides they are very practical because of double function. Pipes that support the decorative wall shelves for bedroom could become rods for hangers. It is easy to build such unit by yourself, just find out the full explanations of doing this.

Last time designers propose to use a design of a combination of the shelves and a mirror on one tablet. It looks very stylish but simply at the same time. It is easy to create something like that by using a large wooden board as huge back support. Then mount the mirror on it and few small narrow wall mounted shelves also.

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Multifunctional wood shelves are very popular for offices as well. The furniture unit here could be done in the similar way as previous method by using big wood board as support construction with a lot of small decorative wall shelves for bedroom. Such boards attach to the main board and could keep all important papers, books, decorations, files and other things. This construction is simple in making and looking but fit for many designs.

How to Make Large Shelves for Walls in Kitchens

It is hard to imagine typical kitchen without a spice rack. But it is quite difficult to find the right shelf for this room. The solution is only building the rack yourself. In internet there are many interesting tutorials and design projects. For realizing one of these projects you will need wood board, some nice paints, mason jars and screws.

First of all spice rack should be practical. So, it is important to pay attention on details such as types of containers it will be used and areas where the deep wall mounted shelves will be hanging. If your spices become the collection then show it for everybody.

Decorative Wall Shelves for Bedroom

New creative and decorative wall shelves for bedroom can be made from various repurposing items – it is fun and interesting decision for any room. Here are few examples of multifunctional shelves from other material.

  1. For example, old skateboard can be made as beautiful eye-catching shelf, the only one thing you need is to mount it on the wall. You do not need to remove wheels and other details, just add two brackets.
  2. Did you think that a pair of crutches could be the creative design element for shelves making? It is interesting, but it could be. First, transform the crutches to make them very strong to support the construction, and then add the decorative wall shelves for bedroom.
  3. There are a lot of things could be repurposed into shelf set. For instance, an old table could be the good base for such an interesting project. The idea is really simple but too original. All you need is just to cut the table into two lengthwise. Then stack two halves one above another, so it will become your unit.
  4. The transformation always is interesting and makes sense. For example, the ladder could be repurposed as a unit of shelves. This could be applied for any type of ladder and ask for any various transformations. You do not need special skills to make it and it could be the great variant to spend weekend.
  5. There are many ideas how to repurpose certain types of picture frames as decorative wall shelves for bedroom. Such transformation is easy to create with more info that is placed in many magazines and internet resources.
  6. Another interesting idea is a transformation buckets into decorative wall shelves for bedroom. They not only look original but are very interesting, versatile and practical. Use them as nice bookshelves and for many other cases.
  7. Shutters are also popular variant to be transformed into decorative wall shelves for bedroom and here the design possibilities are really numerous. As an example, make small modifications and use an old shutter as a magazine rack. The result will be interesting and original.
  8. Holiday decoration could be also made from transformed things. Create interesting Christmas shelving unit from repurposed sleigh. It is easy to find details of such creation and realize it before the holiday. Thus your home will differ from others and all your family will receive only positive emotions.
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8 Inspired Ideas of Decorative Wall Shelves for Bedroom Interior updated: July 25, 2020 by author: Ana White

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