9 Best Ways How to Decorate Floating Shelves in Your Kitchen Interior

Rustic Reclaimed Old Wood Shelf With Pipe And Chain

How to decorate floating shelves? Hanging shelves are always very practical in any house, no matter whether you’ve made them yourself, or they’re custom-made or store-bought. Shelves hanging on wall are really versatile and can be used in a variety of styles, decors and layouts to solve any storage problems.

Any area in your house can be decorated with floating wall storage as well as hanging fruit baskets are great to use in kitchens. Here are several easy DIY projects to think about for those who want to build a stylish storage. So, how to decorate floating shelves? Read below!

Ways How to Decorate Floating Shelves

  • First option is to make such wall storage with rope. You will need two pieces of plywood, some paint, drill and of course rope. Prepare wood pieces, stack them together, take drill and make four holes, one in each corner. Then, paint edges and rope the shelves.
  • How to decorate floating shelves in industrial style? If you want to make industrial large white floating shelves, take cable or rope, white wooden board, screw hooks, screw eyes and wire. First of all, choose a place where you want to hang your wall storage and mark spots there, then drill holes and put screw hooks in. After that, take shelf and attach screw eyes to it. Now it is time to take the cable.
  • How to decorate floating shelves in kitchen? Kitchen is probably the best place in the house where to hang a shelf. White kitchen floating shelves will be very practical, for example, to display or store herb planters, dishes, etc. Space above the island in the kitchen is often untouched. So, white kitchen floating shelves will become surprisingly new space to storage things at hand. Installing them higher that usually, you can organize space to display and storage different items that are used less often than others. Near hotplate or stove hanging shelves with spices will come in very handy.

  • How to decorate floating shelves for a great place of displaying planters? For it you will need: drill, hand saw, wall hooks, anchors, cord, paint brush and stain, and of course a board. Take the board and stain it. Then drill holes in each corner and insert the cord through them. Place wall hooks and hang your new shelves on them.
  • Here are another great ideas for floating wall storage. Make rail and screw it to the wall. Take three different sized boards and hang them on this rail on different heights. Make it the way that each shelf can easily slide along the rail and feel free to make places for taller or shorter items whenever it is needed.
  • Composed of three thin wood boards, shelves hanging on wall are perfect to storage nail polish collection or spices, for displaying small vases, photos or posters.

  • How to decorate floating shelves in your bedroom? Floating shelves in your bedroom are an opportunity to forget about side table. Hang it at needed heights and it will be no less functional than nightstand. You can keep there your glasses, book, glass of water or phone. Large white floating shelves will have a nice look in the bedroom, but think about a piece of live-edge wood or driftwood hanging near your bed as a shelf in room with Scandinavian, rustic or modern décor.
  • With floating shelf wall brackets it is possible to organize a nice storage place for different stuff in home office or in nursery. Use set of two-three boards and hang it near the desk or in front of it. Floating shelf wall brackets can be used to hang even five or more boards for creating whole wall storage anyway, whether it is a bedroom, kitchen, living room, office, nursery or entryway.
  • Sometimes, instead of cord or rope, you may use leather belts. It is surprisingly new way to make shelves look unique and to recycle old belts as well. Another plus is – mixing wood and leather you will get truly elegant combination.
9 Best Ways How to Decorate Floating Shelves in Your Kitchen Interior updated: June 8, 2021 by author: Ana White
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